Thailand’s Sukanya Srisurat sets a new Olympic Record and wins gold in her first Olympic Games by lifting 110kg.

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  1. All those saying these world class weightlifter women look like men, they're not going to be skinny little model preppy girls lifting those weights are they? smh

  2. I've got a feeling there's gonna be another round of sample retests in a few years, and some of those medals will change owners. For the women's divisions, this one and the 48kg class were particularly blatant.

  3. everybody knowes almost every chinnese team are using genetic mutations and stuff that are not showing on the anti-dopping tests. Dont want to be rude but sadly thats the true

  4. light woman, lifts a weigh as heavy as bill Goldberg overhead, and she's 170 lbs lighter then him. smaller people can always lb for lb lift more, saw 2 who could lift 3 or more times there weigh overhead.

  5. Strange how so many people, sitting on their asses, scrolling through the internet will try to bring down others for their achievements. These people are achieving their dreams, what are you doing?

  6. And all Thais were doping as per their own country! Lol…self imposed ban. Chinese and Thai, along with several -tan countries of central Asia and Russia, are all heavy dopers in weightlifting.


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