Hey Guys, Today me and my bro @Elliot Burton give you 10 tips about teenage bodybuilding as a part 2 to my original video. I hope you guys enjoy! Make sure you hit the like button and subscribe to the channels! Time Stamps below:

1:04: Skinny Fat / Cutting or Bulking First?
1:47: Which training split should you do?
4:34: Training For Soreness.
7:10: Meal Prep
11:43: Education
13:44: Supplements
19:18 : Genetics
21:19: Rest
24:40: Time Management
26:09 : Home Workouts

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  1. Zac, I live in India and ordered from gymshark during blackout but I get no response when I ask them abt the status of my order which was supposed to be with me a week ago . If you see this comment among the other thousands could you PLEASE HELP ME.

  2. In the last two months i lost 16 kg im 177cm tall and 70kg right now i dont know should i start bulking and gain muscle or loose more weight because i still have small layer of love handles but my abs show a bit too. Need advice..

  3. I like your honesty and love the video! I'm a teen and I get very confused on which exercises I should do for the best activation… so when I see that you upload a new workout I just follow it and I'm not following the progress.. So should I just write down some of the workouts and follow that full workout for 1 month and then make a new plan? Keep up the good content! Love the motivation

  4. I think one thing that also could have been mentioned (particularly for teenagers) is don't let your training take complete priority over everything in your life. If you have to miss a day or two to study for an exam, missing a session for a family event, eating a few more calories when you're out for a birthday dinner etc, ultimately it's fine. Don't let it completely control your life, and just enjoy the process.


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