Lasha Talakhadze wins gold for Georgia in men’s +105kg weightlifting in Rio 2016.

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  1. Salimi's second C&J was fine and absolute correct. The Refs gave 3 white lights, I still don't understand why the Jury overturned three white lights of the refs… doesn't make sense. 2nd C&J lift was absolutely correct…!

  2. Its annoying how casually the media throws out "world record" comments. 216kg is the world record in the snatch set by Antonio Krastev (Bulgaria) 1987. Equaling it is not breaking it. Talakhadze's lift of 258 is not a world record. Leonid Taranenko set the clean & jerk world record in the 80's at 266kg. Get it right people!

  3. Lasha Talakhadze has just set a new world record in snatch, by lifting 217 KGs on European Championships. WR in snatch, WR in clean & jerk, WR in absolute all belong to Lasha Talakhadze now!

  4. The georgian guy lasha talakhadze lift is 100% correct his legs and body stay in one place and there is no legs body or head movments while he lift it and thats why he won and got the victory and he deserve it, while the iranian guy moved front and back there was movment in his legs body and head and thats why he didnt win and no victory for him. And lets not forget he liftet 245 and even faild to do so in the second time while lasha lifted 247 Kg without any error!


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