This is part 3 of our footage from the Taiwan National Training Center in Kaohsiung City that we filmed back in August 2017. This video features two separate days of workouts featuring these lifters, in order of appearance: Chuang Sheng Min (69kg), Lai Yung En (56kg), Pan Li Chen (90kg), Lo Ying Yuan (90kg), Wang Ching Chieh (94kg), Lo Hao Jhih (105kg), Chung Yun Ling (+90kg), Chen Wen Huei (58kg), Hsieh Su Ying (77kg).

Some Highlights:

Pan Li Chen front squat double 125kg (4:26)
Lo Ying Yuan front squat triple 130kg (4:40)
Pan Li Chen front squat 130kg (5:26)
Lo Hao Jhih front squat 190kg (6:14)
Lo Hao Jhih front rack dip triple 210kg (7:00)
Chuang Sheng Min front squat 170kg (7:13)
Wang Ching Chieh back squat 220kg (8:39)
Hsieh Su Ying back squat 250kg (9:04)
Chuang Sheng Min front rack dips 180kg (9:47)
Lai Yung En front rack dips 180kg (10:07)
Lo Hao Jhih clean pulls 120kg (12:05)
Chen Wen Huei back squat x4 85kg (12:58)
Lai Yung En deadlifts 130kg (13:20)
Chuang Sheng Min deadlifts 130kg (14:04)
Chung Yun Ling good morning triple 65kg (14:15)
Lo Ying Yuan back squat double 125kg (14:27)
Wang Ching Chieh block high snatch pull 140kg (15:19)
Hsieh Su Ying block high snatch pulls 160kg (15:22)
Wang Ching Chieh deadlifts 180kg (15:51)
Pan Li Chen clean and jerk 93kg (17:19)

-Part 1:
-Part 2:
-Chuang Sheng-Min recently competed in the 2018 Asian Games as a 77kg. In that event he did 140/170
-Wang Ching Chieh recently competed in the 2018 FISU World University Championships and did 140/174.
-Pan Li Chen also competed in that event and did 91/113 and earned overall silver.
-A month or so after this training Chen Wen Huei in the Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games and did 83/104.
-Hsieh Su Ying also competed in that event and did 140/173.
-Soon after this training a few lifters featured here competed in the Summer Universiade.
-In that event Lo Ying Yuan competed in the Summer Universiade after this and earned the overall bronze doing 105/130. Lo Hao Jhih did 140/180. Chung Yun Ling did 98/115.
-The intro/outro music is generic music purchased from a royalty free music site called Pond5. Music like this is not something you can find on youtube, itunes, spotify, etc.

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  1. This is the third part of our Taiwan National Training Center (NTC) series. If you missed the first two parts (which have heavier lifts than part 3), you can check them out here: Also be sure to check the description for a table of contents so you can jump around the video if you want to see something specific.

    In general, if you want to see our content categorized, you can see our playlists of various training halls and competitions here:


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