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  1. You do realize there's a ton of videos where he will walk back in the middle of it and start picking stuff up. He is definitely not in front of a green screen. Gold start for effort though.

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  5. hate to break it to you but in speed sports 0.5 seconds is the difference between first and last place. also how is this relevant to what I said (pro Olympic swimmers lift weights AND are on gear anyway)?

  6. Lol have u ever tried swim training, dryland and pool? I don't mean that every guy in any sport is full natty, but trust me, on the level when you swim in the Olympics, you got tested pretty much. And that isn't just swimmers, every athlete gets tested at some point. But my original message was that training in swimming is pretty rough and it is easy to say that they are on roidz or someshit because most of the ppl will never reach same level that those athletes are on. But no hate on you:)

  7. you didn't answer the question. I want to know if swimming is going to make me lose muscle or prevent me from gaining more muscle. I've been lifting for 2 years now with a bodybuilding routine and I was thinking about joining the swim team at my college. If anyone could help me out I'd appreciate it

  8. do it, swimming will burn more fat than muscle but youll have to eat a lot cause its a very vigorous exercise. Plus, it is going to make your body more flexible, your core much stronger and your muscles more resistant to fatigue.

  9. As a 40 year old triathlete I am living proof that swimming can therapeutically help in maintaining muscle and physique. I do experience slight gains in peak training, but it's strictly functional towards swimming. Swimming reduces muscle/joint wear and tear better than anything I've tried, but has also taken a lot more patience and commitment as well. I know some weight lifters a that cross train by doing triathlonsswimming and they are all ripped. However, I also know some fat swimmers that have insane cardio too. 🙂

  10. Scientific research reveal that it is possible to maximize your muscles building process 2x-3x more quickly; by just change your nutrition plan. Because time you spend for the workout room is just 3% of all your time.

  11. what he said at 1 minute was great. I always felt like working out would be a temporary passion only for youth but I guess it is something that sticks with you throughout life. but he never answered the question…

  12. The great thing about natural swimming is that, unlike lifting, it leads to a more natural balanced physique and is great for joints.  Problem is, natural swimming offers limited resistance, which makes it hard to gain additional mass.  You can up the resistance by using swim mitts and fins, and going intensely for short distances.  Even better, swimming through strong currents, …but safety first on that!

  13. Coming from a someone who does competitive swimming 3-4 hours a day, swimming + bodybuilding will get you in the greatest aesthetic shape of your life. It will be 10x harder for you to put on size, but when you do, it's lean, hard muscle.

  14. It hurts to read all of these comments from people who don't competitively swim arguing about what swimming does to the body. Makes me realize how full of shit people are.

  15. I'll tell you how hard swimming is: The last time I went into a pool was 6 years ago. I took up bodybuilding and Power lifting 3 years ago. After my strength chest day/shoulder day, I decided to swim. Hardest 6 sets of 50's of my life. I was out of breath after every set. My joints and legs were killing me. I made it through my sets feeling dead tired. Going back next Saturday to do my 6 sets again.

  16. As someone who is a competitive swimmer, I can tell you these few things: Swimming is a GREAT way to get in shape. Even at the beginning levels, I can almost guarantee that you will see improvements in any other athletic competition you're in. However, for bodybuilding I'm not sure if you would want to do it. Swimming will lean you down, much like cross country running, but due to how many calories you burn building muscle will be difficult. That being said, swimming (especially in a competitive form) will help you in ANY other sports. If you're thinking about trying it, I would definitely encourage you to for the fitness benefits. If you want to lean down, go for it. If you're bulking, you'll have to try a LOT harder to put on muscle.

  17. Elliot,
    Firstly, I enjoy your videos! I do however, disagree with you as you say you are not genetically built for swimming as you were literally born "swimming." As a swimmer, who does not use leg propulsion (due to paralysis from a spinal cord injury), I've learned that heavy mass is an obstacle in swimming. However, it's not impossible. I compete in wheelchair rugby and swimming so my fitness goals are strength, relative mass, endurance, and explosion, which I attempt to accomplish through swimming, weight training, and pushing on a track. I believe there is a compromise in fitness goals due to the aerobic vs. anaerobic elements of each training regiment.

  18. Swimming improves the physique, muscle tone, helps with fat loss (great if you have an empty stomach) and obviously cardio. Its an all rounded great sport which complements bodybuilding, it also allows more flexibility for bodybuilders. Highly recommended for anyone who is contemplating adding this to your routine should do it!

  19. Swimming can get you lean and muscular, but you won't be big. It's not necessary to do thousands of yards either. 30 minutes a few times a week will very productive as long as you do plenty of hard short intervals. I find a 1 to 1 rest to interval good. Hard swimming is very taxing, so longer rest intervals allow you to go after it. If the rest intervals get shorter, the pace slows too much and your interval pace isn't much faster than you steady state pace.

  20. I agree with this I've done Greco Roman wrestling and we have an entirely different way of training it's all about muscular angular endurance and strength/cardio. The intensity of training is on another level.

    But outside of wrestling, out of all sports i've been really taken aback by Swimmers, swimmers that have been swimming since childhood, real swimmers. What shocked me was their endurance and functional strength I was one of those that didn't even rate swimming before till reality kicked in. Swimmers have all my respect.

  21. I don't swim competitively, never did, but from my own personal experience, swimming is a great way to get yourself into cardiovascular shape. It won't only improve your breathing, but the way your body utilizes oxygen in general

  22. For cardio there is no comparison to the resistance trainign that water (or sand) provides over running. I have heard nothing but horror stories from runners with joint pain and me bieng a big guy I dont want to deal with it. I have had a back surgery tho. I think as a supplement it would be great.

  23. im trying to be skinny with some lean muscle tone i dont want big muscles. and one thing im trying to do now is get my pecs to slim down and i cant seem to do it. been running like crazy and doing very little lightweights. and i like to swim but i dont want it to make me maintain what im trying to lose


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