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  1. Eh… More than once I’ve genuinely laughed when someone has suggested I’m going to get “too big” when doing weights. Look…I’m a tiny woman. I’m tiny when they say these things. (So, don’t imagine an already-muscle-y woman.) Do they not have any clue of the sheer amount of effort, dedication, strict diet (and probably other enhancements) it would take to get ANY noticeable amount of muscle on me? Let’s just say…LOL…I won’t “accidentally” get too big. After all, I barely get any intentional muscle growth.

  2. A lot of guys in the gym talk the talk, but never walk the walk. They train and eat right and they do look good, but they've never dieted and prepped for a contest. That's a whole different ball game! You really get to see how mentally tough you are and what you're made of going through 12-16 weeks of that hell to get sliced and diced! Been there numerous times and it never gets any easier.

  3. There’s gotta be something out there to repair your cartilage tissue muscle you name it and grow faster than any bodybuilder has ever experienced. I know something is out there but the government will never tell you


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