Weekly Update on Progress, Bodybuilding Ab workout for small waist, Philosophy on heavy weights, Strong weightlifting, Squats, Bench Press, Barbell, Pull-ups, Leg Press, and more. Fitness Motivation and Butt Challenge.

Watch my update as I show you what I’ve done to shrink my waist and drop 1% body fat in 2 weeks. How to get a skinny waist using an old school Arnold exercise, broomstick ab twists. No weight needed because I don’t want thick obliques. It’s all about that hourglass body shape!

Then I’ll get into some philosophies on lifting heavy and what tone is all about. Girls should lift heavy and won’t get bulky! …Lifting heavy to maintain muscle size. How amazingly quick our body adapts to stress. Standard muscle building growth rep ranges. Muscle mind connection!

HEAVY lifting in this video – START TIME: 2:37

1) Leg Press – 630lbs
2) Box Squats – 265lbs
3) Bench Press – 135lbs
4) Incline Dumbbell Presses – 60lbs
5) Weighted Dips – 35lbs
6) Partial Deadlifts – 205lbs
7) One Arm Dumbbell Rows – 70lbs
8) Barbell Shoulder Press – 85lbs
9) Pull-ups Bodyweight
10) Upside Down Weighted Crunches – 25lbs
11) One Leg Press – 110lbs
12) Kettlebell Turkish Get-up – 146.5lbs
13) Hip Thrusts – 245lbs

30 Day Butt Challengers – START TIME 4:55

I’ll introduce the butt challengers, Ryan Anthony, personal trainer at Equinox gym and Rose, Thai boxer and Zumba instructor. Watch as we all perform hip thrusts as the main exercise to grow our butts!

Hip Thrust Instructional video from a famous butt trainer Bret Conteras:


Butt infographic will also be shared to show the most effective exercises to grow your butt! Courtesy of Jeff Halevy, Contributing Fitness Expert on The TODAY Show.

Next WED: Weekly progress update, diet change, workout split, peek into INTENSITY, and HIIT vs steady-state slow fat burning cardio.

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Watch as I start at 150lbs, 18% body fat at a height of 5’6 and drop down to below 10% body fat to compete on stage!

I placed 5th in my first show and won a trophy 😉 Goal is to place in top 3 to qualify for nationals! Winning at nationals means I’ll become a Pro bodybuilder and get to compete in the Olympia, “Olympics” for bodybuilders.

Hi I’m Mimi! My goal is to help you discover new ideas & strategies to apply to your own eating and fitness goals.

EAT Not Diet is a “no one diet works for all” philosophy-driven resource that guides clients to explore their own unique strategy to eat for life. Diets are broken!

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  1. Impressive! What was inspiration to get into lifting/body building? I want to start lifting heavier but afraid to get too manly like some female body builders or like some crossfit girls… Tips?

  2. Great Job! Very impressive! I can only leg press 4 plates a side. Not sure what that would total with the platform as well. My mas squat is only 235 lbs for 1 rep. I hope to get my legs stronger and bigger. Do you have any tips? I just have to say your really strong all the way around! I am only at 55 lbs for dumbbell rows! Hope to get up to your strength one day!!

  3. Impressive weight, you also go to failure which most women can't handle. They usually give up before even getting near, but it looks like you train with high intensity. You lift the weight that I used to lift at 17 (not bragging) and I'm a guy, so I would say it's amazing. But as I noticed, you do partial reps in some of your exercises.
    I hope you achieve your goals.

  4. Most girls are str8 suckas' in the gym, but this girl is pressing some heavy ass weight. No question more women need to train more like this, but they are such pussies that they fear this type of training. This girl does not look like a "dude" or anything of the sort and she's lifting heavy! Good shit….more videos like this please, more women need to see this.


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