How should you add strength training into your running program? Discussion with Mark Abbott (Thai Top Fitness).

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  1. I think I have more of a sprint type physique which slows me down on the long runs. However I enjoy running races a lot and often there are no sprinting events happening. I also put on muscles very easily that' s why I stay off of lifting heavy weights.

  2. I enjoy lifting heavy weights but i still have a goal of running a sub 19:00 5km. My friend weighs 91kg, bulky and muscley and ran a 17:17 last saturday at park run. My goal is to run a sub 19 5k at a body weight of 95kg. Im at 21:50 at the moment.

  3. hi, just recently subscribed to your channel. I have been running for about 2 years now, everyday. I also do a lot of biking and elliptical. What I notice is running outside raises my heart rate more than running on a treadmill. Do you personally think training on a treadmill is good? if I run on a treadmill at 7mil/hr pace,no incline, my heart rate would be about 143 ish

  4. Hey… So my whole 8th grade year I was building muscle but now in the summer going into freshman year I have been doing cross country and track( mostly long distance) and lost a lot of mass. So I just wanted to know how it is possible to build muscle and what to train.

  5. Hey Harry Runs I'm still in highschool and I do cross country and indoor and outdoor distance running. I been increasing my mileage and also what days do you think are better to work on your Strenght / Bodyweight exercise? Do you suggest working out on rest days or on cycling days?
    I been doing Bodyweight exercise and I run 3 or 4 days week of 5-6 miles and I see a lot improvements of my last two years but what can I do to become a proficient distance runner.

  6. Hi guys i just have a question over the weekend i have two days off work i want to fit in a full body gym session and also my long run over the two days. Would it be best to do both on saturday like gym in morning and run a couple of hours after or vice versa so i can rest all sunday before back to work? because i was doing gym saturday and run sunday but was really sore on mon/tues/weds. And they say not to do two days in a row as in gym and running would be legs two days?

  7. With regards to just doing Bodyweight exercises I couldn't agree less. The benefits from combining plyometrics with deadlift squats and snatches along with technical drills is, in my experience far superior. Clearly we don't want high volume hypertrophy workout short neural doses, 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps with full recovery. Thoughts?

  8. I agree with everything in this video, except the low protein part, muscles are important for running and minimizing need to have enough protein, because when you run too much your body starts breaking down the muscles Am I right or..?

  9. this explains alot man I been training for months and I still can't run more than 3/10ths a mile unless I am barely pick up my feet. I can run 2/10ths in less than 45 secs but my first mile and a half time was about 16 mins. I weight 260 almost all muscle maybe 5 percent body fat. how should I train for a 5k is it even possible?

  10. Strange cause a lot of distance runners like Mo Farah incorporate the big lifts like squats, deadlifts, bench and rows, in fact a lot of distance runners are on a pretty standard compound lifting routine…

  11. If you do not wish to gain weight/mass while lifting then track your calories and limit your eating. You can get stronger without gaining weight. Your bone density will increase and your joint+tendon strength will increase also. Careful monitoring of what you put in the body is how you scientifically achieve your fitness goals. It is easy for a skinny man to put on 10 kg in a short time … I can see your issue – however if you do not eat enough calories to put it on you will not.
    You can also recomposition your body to slightly less fat and more muscle … thus becoming stronger and losing any fat you may be able to spare. Remember muscle has glycogen stores which are great for long distances… so long as you keep your weight in at a low 60kg or so to still stay light. There is some room for improvement there for Harry for ultra marathon goals

  12. I agree to disagree…

    Being in the military…we were lifting weights and still running our 3 mile Physical Fitness Test (PFT) in 17:49 minutes…
    Now at age 40, I still look extremely close to that guy in the blue shirt and just ran 5km (3miles) in 18:02…..

    So that’s how I roll

    Semper Fi

  13. Harry pls make a live chat pls and my 5km pace is 18 minutes I want to improve to 16min pls suggest me running workout and running plans pls…… thanks.u r very good runner at 5k and 10k pace.


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