What’s up guys! NEW Steroids, Drugs, and Life, PART 5! This one is on Site Enhancement, and Site injections. I get a TON of messages regarding, synthol, site injections, and a new product on the market called Hydronics H2O. You’ll get a glimpse into the crazier side of bodybuilding in this episode. These things are personal decisions folks. Professional Bodybuilding is not a joke. It is not like trying a new pre-workout. Things are done in this sport to take your physique to the next level, and in some cases, at any cost.


  1. I’m actually on sarms right now. And the only Side effects I’ve had, my back broke out just a little bit. That’s it and ive had great gains with them. But I’m bout to hop on the needle

  2. The only sarm i love is cardarine…amazing for ur cardio u can workout for hours not tire…..amazing for endurance…mk is good if u have appetite issues but i hated it mad me wanna eat mcdonalds everyday…but u sleep like a baby


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