Slow weight lifting vs. fast weight lifting… which will get you a better body?

I believe the answer is SLOW LIFTING.. and there is science to back it up! You can visit my blog at for links to the studies and research I reveal in this video on slow weight lifting and the amazing fat loss and muscle benefits.

In this video I reveal science of why slow weight lifting triggers bigger “fast twitch” muscle fibers causing you to get stronger and develop muscle better. Not to mention burn fat.

I also reveal other things most don’t know about lifting that will greatly enhance your results.


  1. How about doing really heavy negatives to shock the muscle just here and there maybe once a month with a good spot/spots to complement your regular workouts?  Would this play into the slow eccentric lifting philosophy?  I've been told sometimes it could help to get past sticking points/plateaus.  I've also noticed that 5-10 minutes on the rowing machine before heavy benching can help you focus a little more even though your biceps, lats and legs will be really fatigued.

  2. Super Slow is absolute nonsense backed only by pseudo-scientific hucksters like Arthur Jones so he could sell Nautilus exercise machines. Look at the way Arnold Schwarzenegger trained in pumping iron for example, there are no slow reps, and if you aren't into bodybuilding go ask elite level power lifters who focus mostly on strength, if they train super slow and get laughed out of the gym.

    Most of the Arthur Jones cultists will tell you about the famous "Colorado Experiment" involving Casey Viator and the supposed "63 pounds of muscle gained in 28 days" claim now here is what they don't tell you about this story.

    While that sounds impressive, history has revealed a couple things that were missed during the initial telling of the tale:

    "Casey had been sick in the lead up to the experiment, almost dying due to a bad reaction to a tetanus shot. During his time in hospital he’d lost over thirty pounds of muscle. There has always been a question over whether any drugs were used or not. Viator and Jones have both denied it until their deaths, but Bill Starr had this to say about the whole thing, “What the public didn’t know was that Casey was taking steroids the whole time without telling Arthur and he was also sneaking out to a local YMCA to train with some real weights. I know this because Casey told me so.”

    Given that this experiment has never been replicated, even using other high-level physique competitors, and that the gaining of 33 pounds of muscle in a month (over a pound of muscle every day) has never been replicated naturally by another human being, you’d have to put this in the unbelievable category."

    Read all about it here:


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