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Workout Breakdown: (This workout will burn approx 700 calories)

Warmup: (50:10)
1) lateral lunge, curtsy lunge (right leg)
2) lateral lunge, curtsy lunge (left leg)
3) squat and twist
4) glute bridge
5) bird-dog

Part 1: Lower Body Circuit (repeat 3x)
1) pendulum lunge, curtsy lunge (5 reps per leg)
2) 1 1/2 Sumo Squats (8 reps)
3) Combo: 12 reps lateral banded walk, 6x banded bird-dog (3 rounds)
4) banded glute kickbacks

Tabata #1: (20:10 for 4 min)
-Squat and press // elevated side plank knee tucks

Part 2: Upper Body Strength Circuit (repeat 3x)
1) Plank rows (10 reps)
2) traffic directors (12 reps)
3) scorpion pushups (8 reps)
4) rear delt flies (12 reps)
5) bench dips (12 reps)

Tabata #2 (20:10 for 4 minutes)
-weighted side squats // V-HOLD


  1. If you are 200lbs and overweight, walking 12,000 steps in 1.5-2h burns 800 kcal. Swimming for 1 hour burns the same. Imagine doing 1 of these, both or only a little every day for 6months–1 year. As you get fitter, you'll burn less in the pool, but walking and amount of kcal burned kcal never changes.

  2. Felt the burn but wasn't very cardio intense (which i liked today). I don't care about the lighting or any other issues because your videos are for free and i appreciate your work(outs) a lot

  3. Great workout Christine! And I dont mind the lighting or bluriness. You give us great workouts and motivation…You show us then even in bad days it still worth working out!Lucy is cute! Thanks again Christine!

  4. Yes! Did this workout the last two Sundays, and really dug it! My husband did it with me the first time :), and when we were doing the banded glute kickbacks and you were like, "does anyone else's band slide?" I said, "yes!" and he says, "not mine!" I looked over and he showed me that he steps on the band on the standing leg (it's under the ball of the foot basically) and that keeps it in place. Totally works – just wanted to pass on the tip;) Thanks, as always!!!

  5. Hey Christine! I know this is a somewhat older video but I just wanted to say I've been doing your workouts for a few weeks now and love them! I feel so much better/stronger and love the variety you have in all your videos. I saw that you're taking a break right now and hope everything works out for you & you get well soon! thanks again

  6. I love your workouts, I do them most mornings, and I'm really glad I found your channel… however, and please take this as constructive criticism for when you start filming videos again, you've gotta stop being so self-pitying during workouts, girl! It's tough getting up at 5:30am to get this done, I'm trying to work hard and be motivated, but listening to someone complain and feel sorry for themselves throughout makes me feel so negative! We're all here to support you, and listen to your stories in your "talking" videos, but please can you stay more positive during workout videos?!

  7. Hi Christine. I know this is a couple years old but just found your channel recently and really enjoy working out with you! there is one workout that I can't find. I think it is a silent workout out but you also added sliders/gliders. What is the name of it? Thanks for the great workouts and also for sharing your ups and downs! I have an autoimmune disease that I battle and also struggle with anxiety and depression! Thanks so much!!

  8. You have been like a hero to me and I look forward to your videos so much I wish that I could one day I could meet you and actually work out and make a video with you I lost over a 100 pounds through YouTube workouts. Yours have been prominent because I enjoy lifting and weights so much. Maybe one day we can meet I'm from the Bay area Northern California…..


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