A first hand account of Shawn Ray’s eternal struggle against the mighty Dorian Yates.

BODYBUILDING CHRONICLES – dives deep into the most memorable and controversial historical moments in bodybuilding as told by Shawn Ray. Combining Shawn’s impressive historical knowledge of the sport with his own personal insights into major moments, Bodybuilding Chronicles reveals new information and gives the full picture on the bodybuilding industry’s epic history. New episodes air every Monday!

Dorian Yates was known as “The Shadow” and for two very good reasons. One was because all other bodybuilders had to live in his shadow during his prime over 6 Mr. Olympia wins. The second was because he would train in such privacy that no one knew what to expect when he appeared on stage. He kept pushing the boundaries. He kept winning. And each year’s revealed physique continued to shock and awe.

No one knows this better than Shawn Ray. He was one of the very talented bodybuilders forced to live in Dorian Yates’ shadow and with every competition Shawn pressed harder and fought stronger to try and defeat him. In the premiere episode of Bodybuilding Chronicles, Shawn Ray reveals every beat and moment of his rivalry with Dorian Yates, exposing first hand accounts of what happened backstage within the history context of Dorian Yates’ epic reign as a champion. Ultimately revealing just how important Dorian Yates was not only for the sport as a whole – but for Shawn Ray’s career as a bodybuilder. Watch the premiere episode above!

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  1. without Dorian is no one will Go to gym back in the Day 1995 Training in gym and Watching. picture of Dorian on the wall it was Clair he is completely different to others… cuz of Dorian all bodybuilder of 90 have fan Shawn ray Kevin Leverone………… we loves u all u all did present bodybuilder in the best way not like today

  2. Even though Shawn Ray had good-looking toned muscles, he didn't have the aesthetics or potential to win Olympia. Dorian looked like a hulk in comparison to the frog-looking Shawn Ray.
    Dorian's body looked way more impressive and eye-catching, he dwarfed the shit outta him.

  3. Massive respect to Shawn Ray! Shawn and Dorian are both great role models. That mixture of discipline and intelligence is inspiring. Too many bodybuilders today are all about ego boosting and petty rivalries. They both carried themselves with a great deal dignity and humility!

  4. Shawn was just never as big. You can see Dorians lats in front pose bulging out like soccer balls. Ultimately it’s the size that matters. Otherwise frank Zane would have been the Arnold Schwarzenegger of bodybuilding

  5. Love you're contribution to our sport Shawn. You too are a beacon and a positive influence to our sport. You also made me get out of bed to train in Glendora's Bulldog gym back in the day.
    Thanks Gen X, Gerry from San Diego, CA

  6. He was in the shadow of the shadow. Dorian brought a more impressive physique even while his conditioning was off. Dorian looked better in every comparison.

    Size matters. Dorian won the Olympia as soon as he turned around.

  7. Dorian and Shawn were both excellent bodybuilders. Dorian had some show stopping shots , Front lat, all the shots from the year and from the side he was ridiculously thick, grainy and conditioned. He overpowered most of his peers, and comments from people who seen him at the time all seem to agree his condition and thickness just doesn't come across in photos or video. 94 and 97 I think you could raise your eyebrows about his victory, but he was still crazy looking in those years.

  8. Ray, Levrone, Wheeler were always better than Dorian. Olympia has long been a joke for bodybuilding, doesn't deserve the prestige it gets. Arnold is much more fair. It was Arnold that made Olympia what it is.

  9. Good for you Shawn. I always thought Dorian was a great guy and it is cool that you got to know him. He def changed the sport. He was a true warrior. He trained in a cold cellar like a real man.

  10. History's already beginning to remember Shawn as one of the all-time greats. Dorian not only has that fucked-up arm, his midsection's also ends up screwed-up; the beginning of everything we complain about these days. Shawn Ray, the real Mr O, at least twice.


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