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Starring: Shawn Ray


  1. ~Mr Shawn*Ray: SO, Absolutely…Unbelievably…Incomparably…Breathtakingly…Spectacularly…Super-Humanly… Devastatingly… Meltingly…Magnificently…'Killer'…'DROP-DEAD' GORGEOUS!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. One of the best ever! Size was the only thing that hurt him. If there was a 212 and he could make weight he’d have won at least 10 Olympia’s.

  3. It’s a sin how Shawn never won a MR.O but that shows how crazy the mr.olympia was back then. I think he should have won one in that controversial contest with Dorian but that’s just my opinion. Shawn ray is a legend

  4. Es una verdadera lástima que el gran Shawn Ray no haya podido ganar el Míster Olympia. Siempre se topo con Dorian Yates. Su estructura pequeña le cobro factura, al igual que ha muchos de esa época dorada del fisicoculturismo de los 90'S.

  5. Shawn Ray is the reason I started bodybuilding, great man to the sport. Gave it all he had, Flex Wheeler, Kevin and Shawn should’ve been Mr. O at least once. I often feel that those guys were cheated. But that’s just me.

  6. In my opinion SHAWN RAY looks better than almost anybody today competing…. More mass and Thickness by taking IGF1, growth hormone, and bloating your gut and injecting liquids into your muscles that's not bodybuilding… Major side effects doing those things…. As witnessed by many deaths and burned out careers… They look like inflated rubber dolls… this is bodybuilding !!!


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