Shankar Shree 2019 Khar Bodybuilding Competition 02.02.2019 khar


  1. Indian body building quality is improving day by day. No wonder one day we might win Mr.Olympia. Salute to all India body builder's. Keep motivating the generation and congratulations to all participants and winner

  2. Idk why people go after these steroids…its clearly visible their stomach and internal organs are enlarged…they definitely will look better now but there are so many long term side effects of steroid use…better build it natural

  3. साला अपना BODYBUILDING मे भी PARTIALITY हो रहा है इतना.. क्लिअर दीख रह हैं 69 winner हैं..सबसे ज्यादा ड्राय हैं वो ..ओर conditioning भी सबसे अच्छा है उसका ..हर एक बॉडी पार्ट परफेक्ट seperated हैं…साइज थोडा कम हैं but कंडिशनिंग वाइज वही विनर होना चाहिए था ..


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