In this Bodybuilding News Video I discuss the SHOCK Retirement of 2x Women’s Physique Olympia Champion Shanique Grant & we listen to her reasons why, Coach Tal resigns as Big Ramy’s manager, was it due to the backstage Phil Heath video? + we pay tribute to a legend of Bodybuilding Journalism in Peter McGough. Let me know what you think of the retirement of Shanique Grant & do you predict she’ll ever make a comeback to the Women’s Physique stage at some point?

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00:00 intro/topics
00:44 The loss of Peter McGough
02:20 Coach Tal & Big Ramy Business Split
05:07 Shanique Grant Retires

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  1. Shanique is the only one who knows whether she will return to the Bodybuilding stage in the future. It is her path and her choices. She is a phenomenal athlete and has great life ahead of her. May she be blessed on her journey.

  2. So called Coach Tau should have apologized to Phil for the Douchebag stuff he did backstage at the Olympia. Ramy doesn't need anyone like that in his corner so walk on random guy.

  3. Shanique should not return, her physique and conditioning is perfection, beautiful and Aesthetic. I don’t know what look the judges want, but if she isn’t it, they might want to make another division explaining what they want.

  4. I think the guy quitting as Ramy's manager is a bit much (or being fired). He made a faux pas, he apologized…lets keep it moving. 1 month from now, no one is even going to remember that shit. Ramy won the Mr. Olympia, not a Nobel peace prize. Hell, we have a sitting US president who has pretty much said, come January 26th, he aint going nowhere. Now! Whatever happens after that!!? People are going to remember for centuries!lol

  5. Peter was the best writer ever…his insight into the bodybuilding fitness industry was unbelievable and so so so informative….he can never be replaced a true gentleman of the sport and of life

  6. What a whining little brat. She loses for the 1st time and she quits. She has the best genetics on the planet but she she got her ass handed to her and now she’s crying…… GOOD. Move on. Typical snowflake. Things don’t go her way. She cries and quits.

  7. Shanique took her Olympia lost to heart for sure— lol she needs to move on— if decides to retire then better retire—Olympia has changed now.

  8. Everyone here is talking about how Shanique was “outconditioned” by Sarah but clearly don’t know the judging criteria for women’s physique. The explicit rules from the NPC/IFBB state that small amount of striations is acceptable, and overly striated muscle is not acceptable. This isn’t men’s open bb where the hardest body gets the win. She met the criteria and lost to someone that didn’t. Point blank. She’s not being a sore loser. She chose the division that she was comfortable with achieving (women’s physique) and the ifbb chose that competitor that had FBB conditioning.

  9. @desktop bodybuilding you're pretty biased in favor of Shanique Grant. This is the second video you make trying to undermine Sarah's win. Sarah beat Shanique in most of the nine poses, you weren't there so please don't make comments about what happened on stage.

  10. I see allot of BS about Shanique Grant retiring at her young age. I say great because you have to make your OWN decisions. I would like to see her take a year or two off and then test the waters. The IFBB is always experimenting with the women side of things and it always is not for the good. In the 90s it was lets go from Lenda Murray to Kim Chizevsky, yeah that turned out great didn't it!! Lasted 4 years, before the powers that be started rethinking again! Back to Lenda early 2000s, then to Iris Kyle for 10 years before shutting down the Ms. for 6 years. I agree with her there is something afoot behind the scenes and it doesn't look good. More hard look and more deeper cut means desperate measures to get the look. NOT worth your health to just hold a trophy. To Shanique Grant I say get healthy and I hope to see you back on stage, but if not I wish you luck in what ever you decide to do.

  11. While I did have her winning, she's just a drama queen and is a sore loser. I'll say this, this is karma definitely coming back at her. She'll realize how stupid it is and come out of retirement.

  12. Thanks for covering the female side of the sport. I completely relate to the pain that comes with being on stage. Glad she is putting things into perspective and prioritizing health and longevity. A comeback for her would mean an increased level of effort beyond what she’s already given, possibly aggravating old injuries. For this reason, I think she’s done. I’m glad she had a chance to share her gift with the world❣️

  13. I truly don’t believe she was leaving because she lost. She did say MULTIPLE times how her body is under a lot of stress and sometimes pain, she said that here in this video. She wants to put her health first and if that’s selfish, then I’m all for that type of selfishness.


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