https://allamericanroughneck.com This segment, Life and Death in Bodybuilding, is about this being as real as it gets. It’s about me telling you “yep they’re going to F*%king kill you…” Anyone that thinks that they won’t is full of $hit and they are F*%king lying to you.


  1. I know you don't probably care, but I'm going to say it anyway I don't give a shit,
    Recently I lost my mum and dad to cancer, and lost my wife and kid, due to body building and steroid abuse, yes my fault but fuck it. I then got so depressed of the thought that I haven't got my parents around any more, I was so close to killing myself and some one suggested me to watch your videos, and thank fuck I did, you made pull my head out from my ass, and I finally got my shit together, got past the fact of my parents dieng, and through the selfish suisidal thoughts away and flighted so hard to get my wife and kids back and it worked,
    Just from getting the motivation and my shit together by watching your videos.
    Thank you for the inspiration you give to people, now I'm back to my old mother fucking life, and love every day and worship the ground my children and wife walk over.


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