Welcome back to the Recovery Lab for another installment of Session Sit In! So excited to share this video today! In this episode, I have a very special guest, IFBB Pro Classic Physique Bodybuilder, Jon Linden. I worked extensively with Jon over the last 6 months during his prep for the NY Pro, which is also his Pro Debut! Jon had a history of some shoulder impingement, secondary to some compensations through his mid back and rotator cuff, which caused him some inactivity, or difficulty firing his lat…

This is a full hour session, and I demonstrate some different techniques I frequently use with my bodybuilding clients. Soft tissue therapy is extremely important to prevent overuse injuries, improve tissue quality (which in the bodybuilding community can be referred to as muscle expansion), activate the nervous system, and maintain or restore mobility and flexibility, influence blood flow and capillary formation in the muscles.

You will hear Jon while he demos some poses, that it feels like its easier to fire his muscles after the treatment, which is due to increased nervous system stimulation from the tissue work.

Thanks for visiting me in the Recovery Lab! Look for more videos next week and if you like what you see please subscribe! We post all things training, performance, speed, recovery and much more coming soon!


  1. this is really cool man. I'm just starting my study for PT and I know now that I wanna specialize in Manual Therapy it's really cool to see this. Your techniques, your explanation and marketing is really a great example.
    Compliments man love from the Netherlands.

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