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Make sure you look at your surrounds when someone approaches you. Look at feet and hand placement of your opponent. Dont alarm your attacker by making sudden quick moves unless its in the act of disarming them at that moment. Letting your attacker know you are ready to fight them, takes away the element of surprise. The element of surprise is a huge factor when it comes to someone wanting something from you. They assume you are going to comply since they have the upper hand (weapon) but a trained martial arts is the true weapon to situations like these. Use whatever it is they want as a way of misdirection away from your leading hand. Throw the object to there face is possible to give you a split second of a upper hand. Redirect the weapon as far away from your body and others as much as possible. Control the wrist of the attacker of which the weapon is being held. You can follow up with certain arm breaks or attacks of your own.

If you know your attacker and they are going to kill you then its time to wrap your shirt around your hand and use it lessen the chances of you getting cut. Since you both know you are going to fight its ok to let the attacker know, you are not going down without a fight. In real life situation dont tip off your attacker with retaliation as this will only give you higher chances of being injured. You have to practice for many years to perfect a art, so practice and after you do that practice some more πŸ™‚


  1. Ok homeboy some stuff I agree others I don't first off I would suggest you don't take your shirt,jacket,etc off during aconfrontation cause if it were me thats my opening to attack you.Second you focus to much on the weapon my friend fuck that hit the guy holding it your moves are to complicated get you hurt or killed not bashing your vid dog just my opinion.

  2. If you have space and time to take off your shirt it would be best, if not then you would obviously get stabbed lol. Fist arent deadly so your attention should be on the weapon and disarming while striking. I respect your opinion my friend πŸ™‚

  3. Ok big homey first off you'll get stabbed if you just stand there and chances are even if you take off your shirt your only protecting your hands not body,face,etc so chances are your gonna get hurt but in the heat of the moment your most likely not going to feel it anyway.I agree on distracting him using your enviroment chair,keys,tree,etcwould work great.Your best bet carry a non lethal weapon person alarm,pepperspray,anything to create space.Once again just my opinion.

  4. True that your body and face arent protected but wouldnt it be better to have the items used to defend (your hands) covered up in the likely event you will get cut? Yes having a non lethal weapon would be best but this video isnt titled "non lethal weapon defense" Great opinion though and thanks! By the way im not new to martial arts i used to teach kung fu πŸ™‚

  5. This is great teaching however, if I was in a situation where someone wanted my money. I would give it to them because it's not worth your life. Also if there was no other alternative for me I would defend myself.

  6. if hes trying to kill you then call the cops lol if you are practicing then block and kick to the groin. No matter how big a man is a kick to the groin or a hit to the neck will bring him down

  7. Bruce Lees life was about training and making his body a weapon. It takes many years of practicing and learning new techniques to take down a larger appointed and for me to tell you how to do this in a comment, really isnt realistic lol I hope you never have to defend yourself ever πŸ™‚

  8. Alex , whatif the guy is bigger stronger and is slashing very fast , it gets impossible to disarm him and if there are other guys with him then you should be very fast to hit all of them.

  9. Kick to the groin doesn't always work when your amped up on it makes you not feel pain.

    She'd probably be best to do some sort of attack which he wouldn't expect like strike the knee causes him the buckle a little then make a run for it, like you say the neck could be good too but hard to hit.

    Theres a vid on here mma guy v karte girl (long time comps 10years+ etc) the girl "wins" but the guy can easily wipe her ass if he wanted.

  10. You'll just have to time what your doing and stick to your plan, you actually do want to pull him away and yet make it harder for the guy to hit you back.

    If he's swing the knife you can use the swinging to your advantage because as he swings right to the left you grab his arm and his whole body will still be swinging to the the left etc and it makes him off guard even more.

  11. 1. Look up lots of youtube videos with realistic knife defense (not just this one); krav maga is also a nice place to start.

    2. Test the techniques with someone aggressively trying to knife you with a spoon or toothbrush, with your running away as a victory condition (unless you want to train to defend your kids in an elevator)

    3. After hundreds of hours of practice, you might finally get a mediocre idea of which technique(s) work best for you and have a 30% chance of surviving a knife attack

  12. If it looks like I can out run the person, I'd rather do that. Or I'd probably give the person the money. There's no guarantee you will win if you attack the person who has the knife.

    Depends on the person's size and strength you might not be able to break that person 's arm..You might regret grabbing any part of that person.

  13. But what if the offender has 2 knives in his hand? what kinda question is that common really, this is good hes giving good techniques that actually work

  14. Thanks for this, very useful indeed and so necessary in this day and age. I know so many people who have benefitted from videos like there. I think you have covered the main situations that people tend to face on the streets. Thanks again.


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