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Starring: Ronnie ‘The King’ Coleman

Ronnie Coleman https://www.instagram.com/ronniecoleman8/
Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/RCSSTV
Metroflex Brian Dobson https://www.instagram.com/originalmetroflexgym/
Craig Swole Best Rare Pics Page https://www.instagram.com/craig_swole1/
Josh Bryant https://www.youtube.com/user/jailhousestron
Lee Haney https://www.instagram.com/lee_haney_official/

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  1. Let's pump some HEAVY ASS WEIGHT.
    ''What happens ever so often, nature creates that person that's DIFFERENT that's UNIQUE. Ronnie is one of the greatest of all time.. As far as massive concerned I don't see anyone able to match Ronnie Coleman. Ronnie was DIFFERENT, totally different kind of a body, total different kind of a person. What happens in certain generations time gives and creates people like that. It doesn't happen all the time.'' -Lee Haney #FreakOfNature

  2. Nuca un fisico cultirista cargo tanto peso como este cabron ni kai green, philher, jack cutler, etc este cabron de colemam un moustro au unico defecto es que tenia panza inflada como los de ahora

  3. The best physique ever created! !!!
    Age destroyed Ronnie nothing else not bsn not steds not jay cutler. Age. In his prime for 8-10 years the best and in comparison in today’s contests still the best. Jay was lighter and looked shredded at times but at times also he was well beaten. There are mass guys these days too but bodybuilding isn’t about mass alone it’s about clarity muscularity etc as well and this guy had it all. His best tool was his vision and his knowledge.
    Honestly The best in the world then and now! Don’t forget how strong he was.
    As for chest and arms u need to look closer if u think others etc were better. Chest and arms not just back were ridiculously brilliant !!

  4. Yes his legs, knees, back and shoulders are busted. He's probably on pain meds and on TRT for the rest of his life. But it was still worth it without a doubt. He's rich and made a legacy that will live on forever. How many people are fat or sick but haven't created anything for themselves and are nobodies.

  5. Sorry to say that but Ronnie Coleman was probably the dumbest bodybuilder ever ! With an I.Q so low that it’s a miracle he could stay Mr O for so long. I’ve seen a documentary on him and jay cutler and what striked me the most was the contrast between these two. The way they talked, everything…Jay cutler was smart while Coleman’s sounded like a freaking retard…

  6. Ronnie coleman is one of my favorite lifters and bodybuilders..
    He motivates me with his screams..
    I am almost 17 years old and I just did my first 300 KG (661 Lbs) at leg press with 8 reps…
    I am only 700KG away from ronnies record


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