Does your training leave you sore & stiff the next day? If so, you need to focus on optimizing your recovery! In this very, Dr. Aaron Horschig breaks down the fundamentals of recovery:

1) Nutrition, Hydration & Sleep
2) Active Recovery
3) Passive Recovery

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  2. for 4 years now, i have been a pro powerlifter. for 4 years now, my training schedule has been the same, work out on monday wednesday and friday, while relax on tuesday thursday and during the week end. i never had any injury prior to 4 years, since i sprained my ankle playing football. but weirdly i never did any stretching, active revovery nor any sport massage. i never had any muscle injury of issue no problems at all basically. how do you explain that

  3. Hi Aaron, I contacted you on your website 3 days ago but I haven't got an email response yet. I was asking if it was possible to work with you online, email correspondence etc. I am looking for a personalised mobility plan to follow if you do them 🙂

  4. i disagree and i think dr mike isreatel would too passive recovery is far more important than active recovery

    but i think my definition of passive recover is different than yours its just doing nothing
    and just out of interest are there any studies that aid these funny devices or are they just the same as doing nothing?

  5. Hi, I’m a big fan of your channel!!! Do you mind to make a video on explaining the pros and cons of using Compex for training? I’ve using it lately, and it really worked wonders

  6. Pretty sure any research that support foam rolling is created by people who sell foam rollers. I never used one my whole life and been an athlete the whole time.
    It's self massage that releases some pain reliever but doesn't actually heal shit faster. Just reduces perception of pain.

  7. Would a sauna fit in anywhere in the recovery process? I see a lot of hype over it and wouldn't want to waste 20 minutes daily if it doesn't help.

  8. I only do ice baths on off days. Does wonders for me.
    But I try to keep the temp at 52-56 Fahrenheit.
    And sometimes 46 Fahrenheit.
    But no matter the temp, I always jump back into a hot bath to get fresh blood back in there.

  9. Not do ice bath?!? You literaly losed my respect, now i will be extra carefull about what you say. This idiot is going against hundres if not the hole Olympic weightlifting community that praise ice baths. Listen to this Guy or elite coaches from the Olympic

  10. Your article on ice! I completely agree with this and asked the same questions during my athletic therapy degree to my professors! Yet what if we are talking about the other side of ice when it doesn’t come to Injury? What about the beneficial stabilization in Blood glucose from an simple 2-3 min cold shower following or prior to a meal, what about to the up regulation of leukocytes from all the studies done on Wim hoff and his methods, what about the use of ice fro fat loss through contrast baths or 10 min shower cycling from 10-20secs, or even the vagus nerve stimulation you get to activate its numerous beneficial pathways and parasympathetic nervous system, evening aiding with sleep do to the drop in body temp! Just wondering for this context of injury ice is a bad idea but what about all these other reasons ? Just wanted to get your take! Thanks for the awesome video

  11. While I agree most of the recovery methods here, I wouldn't bother for these NMES electrical devices. I have been discussing these often with the very skilled manual therapists and people specialized in recovery/coaching in University level.

    There is almost no benefits discovered, nor I have observed any special effects when using them myself. As in most of studies I read, just a temporary relief in soreness may in some cases be the thing (for me didn't work) Even I am a amateur ahtlete, my training volume weekly is noticeable.

    Ill stick with the basics like sleep and active recovery with balanced training plan : )

  12. I have to ask you one question about the banded ankle mobilty exercise. I have very high arches and I got pain when I did this a few years ago very frequently. I think I might have gotten ankle impingements because of it. Its it even possible?

  13. I read your blog on Ice or no Ice. I am a registered nurse and have never really understood the reasoning for icing down injuries. My question is what about heat? Vasodilation and an increase in circulation to the injured area bringing all of those healing properties as well as flushing out the lactic acid?


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