Pull-Ups (4: 16) – 7-10 Sets X 10-15 reps(This is a warmup exercise to get the blood flowing. 100 pull-ups wide grip, reverse grip, don’t give a f*ck grip. You want to do every different grip in order to hit all different parts of your back.)2. Bent Over Barbell Rows (11: 28) – 4×8-12(Pyramid up in weight as sets progress)3. T-Bar Rows (14: 28) – 4×8-15(Make sure you are pulling up, not back – in order to hit the upper back not your lats)4. Single Arm Dumbbell Rows (16: 06) – 4×8-12(This is a rowing motion. Row the weight, don’t pull up – we want to hit the lats not the upper back)5. Reverse Grip Pulldowns (19: 23) – 4×8-12(Make sure you are keeping your elbows in close, and chest up)


  1. The reason why i like Seth so much he is real and unfiltered….he does not bullshit you…and you pick up on that….and funny as hell man he is so right about why we all bodybuild self complex so true….i friggen love this guy. Your nuts and don't ever change

  2. I want that bubbly back. I'm not there yet but I'm getting there. It takes time. Stay positive. I'm growing to saytheleast. Inthemost my lats are growing. Spread my wings like a flying squirrel.


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