this video Seth Feroce and Dean Perrone work together explaining their favorite exercises they both use to target, and grow their rear delts. 00: 01 Intro & Whiteboard DemonstrationEXERCISES 06: 30 – Heavy Bent Over Dumbbell Raises10: 30 – Straight Arm Light Bent Over Dumbbell Raises14: 00 – Incline Bench Straight Arm Dumbbell Raises17: 27 – Incline Bench Dumbbell Raises20: 42 – Rope Face Pulls25: 48 – Two Handle Seated Cable Raises27: 54 – Single Arm Cable Raises – Bottom, Middle, Top, and Doubles35: 38 – Wide Grip Assisted Pull ups37: 01 – Wide Grip PulldownFollow Dean Perrone on Instagram: @deanperrone


  1. Nice presentation – just could not endure after few minutes – TOO many F*** bombs – Hollywood pumps out enough – don't it need when learning about body building – Stay focused. Otherwise, you are a very gifted – educated gentleman…

  2. Seth, first thanks for all the videos. I am fresh back to the gym. I watch your videos to help try to get a good program that works for me. I've never been able to get my rear dealt to feel like its working. After watching this video, I did a few of these workouts today at the gym. The short range of motion in the bent over rear delt raises made me feel that muscle work. Again thank you guys for all you do.


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