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A behind the scenes look at the 2019 Mr. Cincinnati Natural Bodybuilding Competition.
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  1. I'm liking the natural bodybuilding Content, I think it's alot more realistic towards many of us that are choosing to be natural for life or just for right now. Maybe do some vids about the top natural pros, not like Natty or not vids but just comparison vids or something like that

  2. Really down to 156 from 200 ! Wtf ??? He lost sooo much muscle damn ….. no need fir him to get that low specially when it doesn’t even show ……

  3. I don't think anybody would debate these people being natural I would honestly say as Naturals that nobody on stage even had decent genetics. I mean some of my close friends that are all natural and I know they're natural for a fact. My boy kenny has 19 inch arms all natural I just think that's what I would expect at a show

  4. I'm absolutely huge no joke and all natural. But…I have over 20% body fat at the moment and excess water weight. If you want to compete in natural bodybuilding comps you need to be lean which means sacrificing lots of size. I'd probably be down to like 225 or less for one of these comps and sure I'd be ripped but I'd look skinny as fuck.

  5. I like this a lot it’s a shame it’s not more popular natural like this . Cause it shows off what people can do all on there own and there genetics so much better . Great video nick! More of this is great .

  6. Are you going to talk about Hafthor Bjornsson a.k.a THE MOUNTAIN admitting that he uses STEROIDS to achieve his goals one example is that he admitting using STEROIDS before POWER-LIFTING COMPETITIONS???


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