Real Bodybuilding Podcast welcomes back Seth Feroce for his second appearance on the show. The podcast has it all, motivation, cardio, gear, diet, politics and more!

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Time Stamps:

07:44 – Distinction between HWMF and Obsessed people?

18:10 – Seth’s cardio.

24:30 – Is IG reward from looking crazy as good as looking great on stage?

27:30 – If your kids asked you to compete, would you?

32:50 – What is Seth’s stack currently?

37:15 – KETO

56:17 – Game Changers documentary.

1:01:00 – Ethical hunting vs Sport hunting.

1:10:35 – Trump’s impeachment, politics.

1:32:55 – Seth’s new project.


  1. fouad and u gotta remember we have different news channels like msnbc cnbc nbc cnn and all the fake news that divides us by telling america not 1 damn thing my president has done 2 improve usa and make us the greatest country ever. We dont want to become a fucking douchebag peoplekind. I love canada but justin the fucking douchebag is an ass.

  2. best way to get into ketosis fast is to not eat food for 2-3 days. you will notice that you are in ketosis when your urine is champagne colour. your body wont become catabolic after 2-3 days of just water you will be just fine. it doesnt take as long as you guys are saying to be in full ketosis the second your piss changes colour your mental fog is gone and your energy is steady you are in it. you dont need a urine strip to know you are in it you will feel it it will feel different and the headaches will stop. im not saying fast everyday im just saying treat it like frontloading. its helping you get to ketosis faster.

  3. Great video, loved that you even got in on Politics lol. I lean toward the right, and I love how Trump pisses off the left but I do think he would be even more productive if he didn’t instigate so much

  4. I loved the political conversation. Fouad made a few great points. I’ve been a Republican my whole life and have never voted for a Democrat, but we need to have honest conversations and call out “our side” when they fuck up. There is nothing more dangerous than blind loyalty.

  5. Long-ish term keto is different for bodybuilders!

    A ton of the info on Keto that you will find is based on research or anecdotes on non-strength-athete people, sometimes even sedentary people. Very little info is available for bodybuilders except in contest prep, so it is a different game for maintenance. The chief difference is protein intake. Most highly trained strength athletes can eat 50% or more of their total daily calories in protein without being kicked out of ketosis, and if the same athlete continues to train while on a 70-80% fat diet it is likely that the athlete will experience significant muscular fatigue and burnout after 6-12 weeks.

  6. Seth should be winning that 212 Olympia! I wish he would have stayed in competion and peaked like when he got his Pro card. Such a great physique! Another grand slam interview podcast great discussions!

  7. Trump's the first president to keep his pre election promises, love him or hate him, the economy is booming and the employment rate is at a record high. He was hired bc he's not a politician and now everyone wants him to be more political. Wtf America? Can't have your cake and eat it too

  8. Idk where u all live. But I live in Ky, and we have a massive population of deer to the point that it’s way over populated ! Every week someone around here hits a deer and totals their car. That’s only the beginning of the problem we have with the over population of deers here. And that’s AFTER everyone goes out and kills a trophy buck. But hunting goes back for so many generations of tradition around here. The deer serves a greater purpose. Dads and sons go out and have a better relationship because of hunting, as one small example. There’s a lot to say on this topic.
    But regardless weather it’s a buck or doe, someone gets the meat !
    NO ONE around here lives the meat out to rot. To the point that people throw dead deers laying on the road in the back of their truck to take home to eat.

  9. Big fan of you both… I have learned alot. I do understand work life and trying to become a bodybuilder. I work sometimes 20+ days straight 10-12 hrs a day. It makes it so difficult to try and go to the gym. Im exhausted. What advice do you have?

  10. So after competing this year I started doing a modified keto type diet to stay lean and still feeling good…. So I would still do carbs for breakfast, carbs pre-workout via like apple crumble pie and white rice post workout…. during the day like avo and coconut oil…. but I do add fruit with every meal… blueberries, pineapple, orange…. and still do 30min fasted cardio a day and my weight is sticking around 270-275lb and around 5% bodyfat. And I feel great.

  11. Hey guys, I'm going to a different country for 1 month and was wondering if when you travel do you take your test and syringes with you in your suitcase? And if so have you ever had any problems??

    I cant go 1 month without test I think it's to long..

    Hope to hear back from you or anyone in the comment section.


  12. I absolutely love how positive and genuine seth is. Truly enjoys his life. To me thats the ultimate success. Do what you want and still be successful in your life business wise and as a parent.

  13. Fuad, your podcast is great because it is genuine. I felt as if I was listening to a conversation of friends.

    Genuine, relatable and a learning experience from actual shared experience.

    Thanks guys!

  14. all these diets like keto work on one simple pretence : your remove one part of your diet(carbs) and that makes it easier for your body to work with the rest more efficiently . Thats how every single diet based on some restriction works and lets be honest, not eating carbs is a restriction. I am all for keto, but bowl of fruit before work out is a must for me.

  15. Typical discussion betweel republican and democrat:

    Republican: I like Trump cause economy is booming. People make more money than ever.

    Democrat: Well he`s not Presidential enough. He speaks like 8th grader.

    I think I`ll vote for Trump once again. you Democrats.

  16. Love these guys!! Really awesome bodybuilders, thanks to both of them for making videos, they have the best information ever for anyone out there bodybuilding!

  17. Hey ..really enjoyed this video on a different level .. freaking interesting when you spoke about politics .. agree with both of you .. "can't we all just get along "…. wow little did Seth know he was foretelling events yet to happen in 2020 ..Black Lives matter , income inequality , crazy ! … I watch your podcasts in random order .. do you have another podcast where you maybe discussed politics ? So interesting hearing this topic on an "everyman" level. Think about doing a follow up … great content Fouad and Seth . Who said athletes can't be intelligent.


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