A truly insane record: The world’s strongest 700-size R/C helicopter lifting 30 kg (66 lbs). And there’s much more to come! Now, to avoid a misunderstanding: The HULC project is NOT about setting a helicopter weight lifting record. Instead, its highly ambitious goal is to LIFT A HUMAN PERSON! Links to this amazing achievement and backround information are collected for you below.

MONUMENTAL WORLD RECORD! Lifting a human person here:


What EQUIPMENT did we use? We got a video for you here:

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  1. That heli sounds insane bad ass with all the power in it. now for those wondering why so long line from heli to weight is due to fact if anything goes wrong, pilot has lots of slack to control helicopter. 

    now for your next challenge Tobi, I would gladly fly to your place. I will sit on a carpet in Prince of Persia Getup 🙂 and two of these Hulc helis must lift AliShanMao on that carpet so we can finally give the world a Flying Carpet 😀

    oh next step up on that challenge is that i will be sitting on that carpet flying with those two Hulc Helis and I will be flying a Quadcopter to shoot all Aerial footage of this stunt 😀

    you in?
    keep me posted 😀

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  3. i am wondering why no one says how much one of these costs. at 60 pounds per engine, a personal lifter for a 200 pound man would take 4 units, add 4 more to lift a structure that ties them together, and 2 more to lift sufficient fuel for a 2 hour ride. can anyone price out 10 engines and a design for superstructure providing most efficient lift by same?

  4. is this legit?… if it is please use these motors to make a jet/propeller pack. the motors only cost appox £300 so with 4 (3 to lift the person and 1 for an huge battery and harness) that would be £1200. then all of the other things needed like baterys and a harnes would definantly be no more than £1800 this would mean you could make a small light porable jet pack for under £3000. if it is legit it strikes me as wird that know one else has done this before.

  5. What is the diameter of the propeller? I have 18" propeller, can it lift 10 kgs? I need to scale the motors to the propeller and it is new type of propeller, never tested before. I am lost. I gues I will have to mount it to a lawn mower and see if it flies.


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