RTB 4 is a bodybuilding documentary featuring Kai Greene, Victor Martinez, Dave Pulcinella and Hayley McNeff. It’s an honest, unforgettable glimpse into the lives of amateur and pro bodybuilders as well as many others whose lives have been forever altered by fitness and the powerful tool that is the camera.


RTB4 is a continuation of the story told in RTB1, 2 & 3 by filmmaker Mike Pulcinella and shows the behind the scenes stories of many of the videos that he has worked on in his career.

Through interwoven close-up life stories and strikingly intimate vignettes Raising the Bar 4 delves into bodybuilding further than ever before, giving an unadulterated look at the strange and often heart-wrenching, untold stories of bodybuilding in a raw and unscripted eleven-part YouTube series.

Chapter 1 Synopsis:

At the end of RTB3, we saw Dave Pulcinella and Haley McNeff walk away hand-in-hand, a seemingly happy couple. When the curtain rises on Raising the Bar 4 we see that their relationship has not only ended, but threatens to wreak havoc on their lives.

With female bodybuilding on the verge of dying out, she might be its last hope…but will the 20 year old Hayley be able to handle the pressures of being thrust into such a demanding role at such a tender age, while also dealing with her first real adult heartache?

We explore this and more and also reveal the shocking reason behind Dave and Haley’s demise in the debut episode of Raising The Bar 4.

Also Featured:

• Mike Pulcinella’s journey from filmmaker hobbyist to MHP’s man-behind-the-camera

• Behind-the-scenes footage of Victor Martinez—Mike’s very first shoot of a pro bodybuilder—only a few months after Victor’s devastating career setback knee surgery.

Purchase digital downloads of Raising the Bar 1, 2 & 3 here…


Watch sample clips of RTB 1, 2 & 3 here…


Listen to the full explanation of Dave and Hayley’s breakup on The First Callout bodybuilding podcast from approximately 18 minutes to 40 minutes here…


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  1. You deserve more, Mike, someday you'll get your dues.

    It's been a long time coming, but the supplement industry needs to be exposed on a national level, and in the minds of the youth (to stop the cycle). But It's also how most pro bodybuilders make a living, living a lie, selling crap while on gear (how the real gains are made). Too much money being made, taboos being crossed, so I doubt honesty we ever prevail.

  2. I love all of your bodybuilding related videos! very grateful to be able to watch a whole new series! Very real, raw and authentic, no sugar coated fancy acting, which no else is doing or has done. Very inspiring how you have got to this point and how popular your work has become!

  3. Mike, personally I feel like your documentaries added immeasurable value to Kai becoming an Icon. You made us fall in love with his story behind the scenes, thats why people love him so much. The best brands have a story that resonates with its consumers.

    Thank you for your work. We need 1 for Kevin Levrone detailing his journey back!!!

  4. Im from Puerto Rico. Im very strong fan of Basketball. But thanks to your DVD of Kai Greene and others, I became a strong fan of Bodybuilding. Thanks for your hardwork and dedication to this sport. Take care and God bless.

  5. Great video Mike. I would love to see another deeper insight into the unspoken topic which is very evident in Hayley's change in voice. I think another Raising The Bar the inside story begs to be spoken.

  6. About their relationship. The biggest mistake was even suggesting open relationships lol! He should say:" it's me or other dudes. Take it or leave it"
    And later typically she says:"I wanted him to be more protective of me." In an open relationship? That counterintuitive lol


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