GLADIATOR SUPPLEMENTS (by me)https://BecomeGladiator.comOLD-SCHOOL GYM CLOTHING & APPAREL a Vintage Genetics member with unique perks! TABLE01: 34 – Adjusting carbohydrates to lose fat + gain muscle. Tips for an underdeveloped chest05: 10 – Do you ever feel insecure in the gym?07: 35 – Which muscle needs to come up the most?09: 18 – My opinion on dumbbell pullovers11: 05 – Is combining supersets, drop sets and slow negatives too much?13: 25 – My thoughts on Serge Nubret’s training style (high volume, moderate weight)16: 35 – What are you doing when you hit a plateau?18: 29 – Choosing between creatine monohydrate and whey protein23: 26 – Do I gain more strength when using more creatine?24: 23 – Is it possible to be in a caloric surplus eating only clean foods?26: 32 – When bulking, is it better to increase calories on the day of a weak point or the day after?Classic & Personalized Workout and Nutrition Plans? Contact me: for plant-based diets!)Instagram@WesleyVissers


  1. "sometimes with a beer belly" hahaha. oude dikzakjes zijn gewoon geïntimideert ja. veel respect voor jouw emphatische vermogen. meest informatieve en pure bodybuilder kanaal die ik ken. klasse


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