Highlights of Greece’s Pyrros Dimas incredible achievement to win 3 weightlifting gold medals at 3 consecutive Olympic games, the third coming at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

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After winning the Olympic gold medal in both Barcelona 1992 and Atlanta 1996, Pyrros Dimas arrived in Sydney aiming for the top. Could the mighty weightlifter overcome his previous injuries and be Olympic champion for the third time?

Lifting an impressive 390kg in total, Pyrros Dimas once again earned his position on the highest step of podium, becoming only the third weightlifter ever to win three Olympic gold medals.



  1. Πύρρος Δήμας !!! This is our boy , our mighty weightwilfting warrior .
    Απλά αισθάνεσαι περήφανος όταν βλέπεις κάθε μυ του σώματός του να πάλλεται , όλα για την νίκη , για το χρυσό.
    Dimas , you make all us Hellinic people feel proud.

  2. Every thing on sport depends in good mind and that good mind doesnt come unless you train very hard after that the difference come from clear mind . I think that 🙂 . And this guy is a real hero and i think that he have a really strong lower back . Correct me if im wrong

  3. was there in the warm-up running computer events management software, so disappointed Huster took 212.5kg for a third, his best was 215kg done in 1998 Euros. Dimas best was 213kg done in Atlanta before this Comp.

  4. He is from the Greek minority of Albania both of his parent are greek. He used to represent albania in the early 90's but he felt greek and he represented greece for the first time in 1991. Dont talk shit cause pyrros might watch the videos;)

  5. He was born and grew up in Albania, competing for Albania until 1991 when at only 20  ranked fourth in the European Championship. In 1991 when Albanian communist dictatorship collapsed many albanians migrated to Greece due to the economic crisis in Albania, and so did Pirro and almost the entire Albanian weightlifting team (among them Luan Shabani – I believe they call him Leonidas Sabanis – who earned two silver medals for Greece, and a couple of others who earned for Greece few silver and bronze medals). A year later in 1992 he won gold for Greece. I am not sure whether his parents are greeks or albanians as there are supporters for both views. He claims he is Greek, but it is not uncommon that during those years when Albania was in extremely poor economic conditions an Albanian would falsely claim to be of Greek minority in exchange for economic benefits. Pirro certainly had the motivation to do so as a gold medal for Greece would benefit him significantly more than a gold medal for Albania. Anyhow, if he is Albanian he is a bad one for falsely claiming to be Greek and if he is Greek he is a bad one as well for not giving any credit to his Albanian coaches and the great Albanian weightlifting school that made him the great weightlifter he is.


    I was there!!!
    F…c…king Brilliant
    Must have been 10,000 Greek in Darling Harbour that day………………….It was simply amazing!!!

  7. Pyrros Dimas [Hellenic nam e and Surname total ] when he came in Greece he was speaking Fluently Greek ..[i rememder because we have the same age ]and most of The Albanians the y came in Grecce [after 1991 , 1992crossing the Borders ]they dident know not even one Greek word ..i remember very well only the Northern Epirotans …[Like Pyrros already Knew Gree k with their ..Special Accent because a Large Part ..of Southern Albania [N orthern Epiros once ]was ALWAYS from Ancient time Hellenic ..by the Way Greate Athlete HUGE Spirit ..
    Διαβάστε περισσότερα


  8. i Remember Pyrros Dimas [ Hellenic Name And Surname ]Very Well [We have Same Age ]When he came in Greece he Was Speaking Flue
    ntly Greek as most of the norhern Epirotans [Ethnic Greeks ]with their Special Accent .Almost All Albanians Came Greece After 1991 .92 Croosing the border dident Know no t Even ONE Greek Word [ only Norhern Epirotans ., B y the Way GRATE ATHLETE Huge Spirit !


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