Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno face off in a no-holds-barred competition for the title of Mr. Olympia in this critically-acclaimed film that made Schwarzenegger a household name.


  1. Mike Katz was a humble man. To bad he didn't get points for that. I thought the guy from whales won that competition he was huge. And what a great long career Arnold has had, I wonder if he is still cumming all the time (like he said) lol

  2. For those watching this for the first time, for free on Youtube, a good amount of the storyline is fiction. Arnold was not as cunning and antagonistic as the made up storylines here, no Waller did not plan on stealing Katz's shirt, etc. This was a good amount of fiction to sell the characters surrounding the competitions.

  3. Arnold projected an expectation and then made himself live up to that expectation! He started at a young age which was a huge advantage. The man was absolutely determined to be the best. Much respect to all of those guys!

  4. 10:15 I never get a "pump" when working out. I get that damn lactid acid which I can't stand so I stop. Even though they say " keep going, I know it burns but push pass it". Im not mentally strong enough to do it.

  5. What a wonderful film. So many legends. Mike Katz Had one of the most atrocious hairstyles known to man. There's only two things worse. A scullet Which is when people are completely bald on top and grow their hair long on the sides & back to shoulder lengths. And two when people are bald and let the sides and grow out even a few inches. Either way they look absolutely ridiculous

  6. You can't tell arnold is a mk ultra asset. Father died for the blood sacrifice to get into the craft in hollyweird. Retired and won his last competition just to go straight into hollywood to make films. his whole career was scripted.

  7. most arrogant worst mr olympia ever.. no weak points.. how about ur legs never matched ur top.. ur glutes non existing. . ur conditioning was laughable.. . ur compitetion was laughable.. and franco and serg had u beat by a mile.. it was politics that gave him the win.. i hate that people think he was the best… IGNORANCE to the sport.. he was mediocor at best..


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