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In this video I explain the factors you need to consider when programming the squat for the Olympic Lifts


  1. What about intuitive training? How can you possibly program SRA when the amount of factors that go into the stimulus and recovery are so huge, dependent on each other and can vary widely depending on how the day was? RPE is a poor substitute too. Some days you move slow but can handle lots of volume, other days you are fast and should be working with higher intensities.

  2. squatting almost everyday is out the window for wieghtlifting but 3-4 days is good? Is it because just doing oly lifts will help develop that strenght in your legs ? not just squatting everyday. Hope everyone drop their opinion down below to have an idea of how other people feel about this.

  3. Zack might not be as elite as me, but this is the best squat advice I’ve heard Zack. This isn’t just coming from anyone, I am a legendary youth swim coach, with so many championship rings that I can’t turn doorhandles: so you can trust my opinion on squatting. Just the other night I was almost arrested on fake charges that my neighbor called in. I was told that unloading my firearm into a conjoining wall isn’t allowed; even though the US had just beaten England for the umpteenth time. Needless to say he hates America. Found out his nephew swims for my club team. Seems like I might need to accuse another swimmer’s family of extortion. Gonna enjoy the rest of my night with my 9th shot of fireball, and get ready to continue making history.

  4. I’m no expert but Zack doesn’t it kinda make sense to both front and overhead squat more often then back squat since they are more direct to they’re competition lift counterpart?

  5. Contra-indication. It looks like it has something to do with training but rather has something to do with indicating. I learned my lesson with that word from a friend making fun of me 🙁

  6. hey Zack on my channel I upload single lifts of elite lifters from major competitions so if you need to use short lifting videos for your channel and the related topic you cover go check what I have :-), just go on videos because on home page not all videos are displayed

  7. 3:15
    That is one of the reasons I am a lifter, it is akin to building an RPG character however you want, but it's YOUR OWN body.
    There are so many variables to play around with, resulting in ease of progress for those who venture beneath the regular workout plan. (aka – rotating exercises to achieve different stimuli – thus additional results)

  8. That intro was damn a-freaking-mazing. “And is their answer is anything besides “it depends” They’re doing you a disservice, because only a sith deals in absolutes” I immediately liked the video after that

  9. do u guys know any youtubers similar to zack that deal with general strength/bodybuilding? it's kinda what i do and people like omar are a good middle ground i find. many i see nowadays are just vloggers who go through their exercises with quite a bit of broscience and milk the 10 minute video gains. i know there are some out there, i'm just tryna find them lol

    and honestly i watch so much oly lifting because it fascinates me. props to zack too cuz he somehow interests me on the specifics of something i literally do not even do LMAO

  10. i just do 531,
    take 90% of your one rep max and use that for the programming,

    5x5x5 3x3x3 5x3x1
    65% 70% 75%
    75% 80% 85%
    85% 90% 95%

    last set each squat day is as many reps as possible

  11. how would you tailor the program for non-olympic lifter? Squat is my favorite exercise and I squat just like Chinese olympic lifter(I'm Chinese myself lmao)-deep and explosive with a bounce at the bottom. But I found my squatting style might not really respond very well to typical power lifting program. At the same time, I am not training for clean and jerk and snatch either, so I do not have to worry about wasting training resources on that and can dedicate more towards things like squat, overhead press and deadlift. Will greatly appreciate your advice!

  12. My squats are terrible. I can deadlift around 4x300lbs, power clean 155lbs, push press 150lbs, bench around 180 but only back squat 185ish. WHYYY

    Update as of Aug 2nd: did a heavy session and got a few PRs!
    Back squat: 95kg/210lbs
    Front squat: 80kg/ 175lb
    Super pumped!

    Edit Aug 16th: BS= 102kg


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