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My story behind the pre workout supplements ive taken. No explode, Dark rage, 1mr, craze,no shotgun, jack3d, M5 extreme.


  1. Could you do Protein 101, like for beginners. Im new to building muscle, and I am a student. I know I dont get all the protein I need form my food and I dont know what to buy.

  2. @mohalfur You should be getting your protein from eggs,beans,tuna,chicken,meats,etc. If you want to add a protein since your arent getting enough from your diet. I would recommend any whey protein thats 40grams or more per serving, given that it doesnt have much sugar and carbs. This is important because most protein nowadays contain lots of sugar and carbs which will lead you to gain extra weight you dont want or need 🙂

  3. I think newbies are more into pre work out supps, once u start to learn about food combining with b-vitamins and what carbs to eat you'll be fine, i know some kids with no foundation what so ever and cant train without a pre workout stimulant because that's all they see in magazines.

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