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  1. Hey guys! For anyone new to the strength world. Powerlifting, and Weightlifting are two different sports. Power = Squat, Bench, Deadlift. Weightlifting = Snatch, Clean & Jerk. The sport is called weightlifting, not Olympic lifting. While weightlifting is the only barbell sport in the Olympics, one is not an Olympic weightlifter unless competing in the Olympics.

  2. As a calisthenics practitioner, I'm quite surprised by seeing a woman doing weightlifting especially on this level, it's impressive.
    I found you through a video I saw on Jujimufu's channel, that man is not a man but a wild beast lol.

  3. Crossfit is BS. Apart from the fact that Crossfit is dangerous because of all these spasmodic movements which are highly conducive to freak injuries one has to ultimately contempt with the origins of the sport. Crossfit is what happens when a bunch of hipsters got bored and make shit up. It is the moronic brain-child of mental colic.

  4. definitely wear your pink belt, it won't hinder your movement.. the dude telling you not to didn't consider the fact that your waist is smaller and you wear the belt higher than he does… and valeo, not even once

  5. How do you keep this from destroying your back? I watch this and cringe because I'm someone with a very sensitive back, and this looks super fun, but looks like it might kill my back.

  6. Oh. It's a girl. I saw "powerlifter" and thought it was about one. But it's not. It's just some girl who clearly is on (or took) some roids. It's cute. It's like when one of those girl scouts come to your door and try to get you to buy their cookies for some scholarship fund so that one day little Maggie Peggy-Sue can grow up to be an astronaut or maybe the President. But we all know what's going to happen. Sooner or later, she'll be making the real powerlifter, i.e. a man, a sandwich…

  7. I am one of the few girls that powerlifts at my highschool and I'm definitely super happy to find a fellow girl lifter on YouTube, being proud of what they do:) if anyone has any other suggestions of woman lifters, please lmk!!

  8. Quick question. How did you go from a distance runner to power lifting? I was a state level athlete in five sports and lower National level in a couple of those. I lifted for those sports year round and two of the sports I was in was the distance running and wrestling in among the sports I did. And was over 160 at 6ft. But you know I was doing a strength program for that.
    You did what I think is a complete 180 from distance running to power lifting? I think its cool, just wondering what caused you to make such a big change?

  9. I have done weightlifting and powerlifting as workouts, I never realized what separated the sports! It's funny because I love clean and jerks, squats, and deadlifts. 😀 😀 I had two kids and am just getting back into my weights, you are such an inspiration to watch!

  10. the nearest I get to true weightlifting in this defintion ATM is strict OHPs

    gym owners would be pulling mucho sad face when having their standard (non bumper) plates dropped from height lol

  11. My view on crossfit i think that the whole lifting like powerlifting is good as you are moving weight from a to b, but their pullup form they use their body to wiggle themselves up as theyre too weak to lift themselves


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