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  1. If you're just fucking around, why are you wearing anything on your knees at all? That's such a powerlifter mentality; put on as much equipment as possible for whatever you do.


    I remember I bought two pairs like 3 years ago because I thought Jackals gym wasn't going to sell em anymore. Still on my first pair and they just last foreverrrr

  3. what are knee sleeves? I just got into the whole powerlifting thing oor well I got like toe in this world and Id like to know everything you can fit into a video. Meg you are awesome keep doin what you do

  4. Meg! please do an in depth/comprehensive review and comparison of knee sleeves- im in the market for my first pair and havent been able to find in depth comparisons online

  5. Yes knee sleeve video! Also, after a clean I notice a lot of people will kind of reposition the bar – Ryan's is particularly obvious. Is there another reason to do it beside reposition the bar?

  6. Do you people know that apparently performing clean and jerks with even a single plate is a BIG NO-NO in a New York City apartment and a basis for getting evicted? Apparently dropping the weights "greatly disturbs the neighbors?" Doing it earlier instead of 2AM doesn't change things either unfortunately. New York…

  7. The plates in Kilo's is funny. If you powerlift in Canada while you are here all Comps will be in Kilo's as well. It is the World standard to be in metric. Hope to see you at an event up north!

  8. I'm a weightlifter at my high school I'm on Varsity I Bench 60 65 70 I clean and Jerk 45 50 55 I'm learning extension for 55 because I'm bones very skinny and Petit I'm trying to gain weight my last meet i weighed 93 pounds I'm in 101 weight class So I'm still trying to learn extension Cause I have my clean and my Jerk with 45 and 50 so yah I love weightlifting though


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