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  1. u guys keep on talking about shawn beat phil, but it's shawn's best shape vs phil's worst shape, and 17 to 13. what if it's phil's best shape (2011 Mr. O), phil would definitely smoke off shawn rhoden.

  2. You shouldn't be saying I'm going to train like an animal, what you should be saying is, I'm going to diet like an animal,I'm going to suffer and come in shredded, dry and grainy like dorian used to.
    Oh that's right we know that won't happen, your finished man, your body had that horrible look to it last year, the same way branch warrens started to look, your finished, your ego won't allow you to slag everyone off and then come in still looking like shit like last year.

  3. I trully would like to see him back to his best. Last year I'm sorry but his middle was so wrong. When i look back on other years and c that great middle and all round perfection it brings a smile to my face. I am not going to put him down as body building over many years it can take just a little change in training and or supplements to make a huge difference in appearance. Phil has done a freat job over the years getting that right. Last season something went wrong.

  4. Come on guys, he’s done and dusted. Let’s look forward to the new big O’s and stop reminiscing in the past.
    Besides, Phil is the most arrogant and vain cock the sport has….. time for hard, honest and humble champions.

  5. Yo creo que Phil Heat será Olympia de nuevo. Su complexión física es mejor en muchos sentidos que Rhoden, aunque Rhoden está muy bien. Phil tiene espiritu de campeón, tiene mucho aún por dar. Phil will win again, I am sure, he knows what is the point he has to work out.


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