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  1. Also, on week 1 inject your ass muscle with 300 mg of Testosterone Enanthate cycle this up to 500 mg and then back down over 12 weeks. Lifting isn't required and you will gain at least 10 lbs of muscle even if you eat junk food and drink alcohol three times a week. Remember, It is not cheating if you aren't competing.

  2. Hello sir I think your videos are excellent I've never posted a comment before but I've been watching your information and it seems pretty legit I did have a question when I'm lifting especially on chest exercises I get a amazing pump and I love the way my chest looks but it seems to go down in an hour or two lol I wish it would stay like that … I know it's a pump or what have you … but is there any way to stay pumped or fuller … I would like to stay rock hard though out my day … also I would appreciate if you made a video on when muscle stays and shows I noticed on my arms my muscle Pops all the time but I have low body fat on them on my torso not so much is that a factor …my skin is tight around my arms does it have to be like that everywhere to see your games – muscles

  3. i like linear example 2. do you have any recommendation for how much to deload by in week 4? i was thinking of something like 80% of my working weight used in the last week of progression..

  4. Body building program a may purchase. It depends on the specificity with my rugby. I'm not pedantic about it but I want to be strong yet have endurance. Muscle hypertrophy isn't bad but it shouldn't be a single goal of mine.

  5. you, athlene-x and vitruvian fitness are probably the only bodybuilders that provide informative content that is immediately applicable to ones training program. Thanks Jeff, i know it's an old video but still hope you know that we appreciate to awesome work you're putting out!

  6. what type of periodization would a 5×5 fall into? You are basically not changing the set number or the reps… you are just trying to progress in weight or reps compared to last time. It seems to me like there is no periodization at all.

  7. I have a strength and power lifting periodized plan I input into excel where adding your new max will populate the weeks. I don't have a hypertrophy model, though, and I would really like something like that. I'm finding that developing my own isn't working so well.

  8. I can't even wrap my head around what type of training schedule you'd have with block periodization. To focus on one muscle group mainly and also continue your normal lifting schedule. And to train chest 4 times a week? Man I've been training for almost 19 years.. I can't see myself training the same body part 4 times a week. I'd have to lower the volume or intensity, something has to give to try and pump out 4 days of chest or any other body part for that matter in 1 week (Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sun)

  9. I've always used periodization in my training even many years before I even found out it was a thing or heard of the term. I always just called it 'two steps forward one step back and repeat' lol

  10. This video inspires me to continue making sure I give me neck attention as someone who just recently discovered your videos and had only seen content from the past 6 months or so

  11. Linear progression… It confounds me. There must be upper limits to "just keep upping the weight." I mean how much are you gonna end up curling for example? You think you'll just keep upping the weight til you're curling 225?

    So it confounds me how this advice is so often given, but doesn't seem practical after a point. I imagine I'm close to max strength on my bicep curls.

  12. Hi Jeff. There you mentioned an `off week`. So my question is, do I still need to take the recommended amount of protein in an off week (deload week) as well ? I am 75kg (165pound ) and I take around 150g of protein everyday as suggested. Is it ok if I dont take protein powder , or take less amount of protein in my off weeks? thanks a lot

  13. do ou recomond to use all diffren kind of periodization yoe have said in the vid at the same time ? for exmp use linear periodization for bench press and for squat reverse linear ?

  14. Not gonna lie Jeff. Your direct neck training has reaped some serious benefits. I always thought it was silly till I watched this video and saw how you looked before you started doing it.

  15. hello Jeff just want to ask about reverse periodization.for example 3×4-6 @rpe 9 do you mean set 1 need to complete 6reps den set 2 5 and set 3 4. then on week 2 6-8 rep ranges with the same weight

  16. Jeff you should redo this video with your style and knowledge now. This is super interesting stuff that I didn’t even really know about until I googled it—this vid is buried deep in your backlog!


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