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Passion for Bodybuilding
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  1. Man paul dillet looks so freaky at 2:54 its amazing to look at but i wouldnt want to look like that i think his chest, mid torso and legs are way behind everything else.

  2. Its incredible the amount of food these guys eat in 5 minutes, they could feed African or south American starving children for a week, I find it kinda fucked up because not so farm from you guys I´ve seen kids dig out residues of food from the trash can. While these guys stuff their guts to the fullest every 3 hours or so, there are people out there who wished they had a single slice of bread. I hope you guys think about it every time you look at your big ass forearms. And also think about how many millions of chickens per day get executed for us to get our full macros. I bet you, there are thousands of kids around the world that would kill for a piece of that grilled chicken. I hope you big sissies enjoy that food. At least you all have a choice

  3. If you always intigrate bodybuilders with steroids fact your not a bodybuilder and sure as fuck don't know the time and pain put into bodybuilding. Enough said its my favourite enjoyable sport

  4. the first bodybuilding video i watched on youtube and downloaded 3 yrs ago . loved it. im so connected with this lifestyle .my life has changed ever since .good life .video motivated me ,and inspired me a lot .thankyou for uploading this :).

  5. Men…fuck everybody i will do my dream come true i dont care what my parents say or fake friends and fake girlfriend say i will do it! and i will help people dont matter what is your dream brothers lets do what make us happy if people are not whit you who care? we will always meet people that have our same goals

  6. when I first got serious into bodybuilding I used to watch this video and it was good to me then and I still watch it to this day you can't get enough of it and it still good to me now thank you for making this wonderful video. one of my Favorites!

  7. "just think behind how u wanna look, just think behind how u wanna look!" Kevine Levrone

    watching this video since 2011 and now we are here in 2017 , bodybuilding till i die <3

  8. I once made a poster saying "I will one day become an IFBB professional bodybuilder". I made it when I was 15. I sold my house at 23. My brother posted photos of my old room, but forgot to take down the photo. He posted it on imgur, and someone commented "Did your brother ever become a pro bodybuilder?". I saw it, and cried. I never achieved my dream.

  9. I can not express how much this video means to me. I have been watching this video probably since it came out in 2011, and it got me into bodybuilding. Now it’s 2019 and although I do not bodybuild anymore when I start feeling mentally down and feel stuck in a unhealthy cycle of bad habits. I watch this video and listen to these great men and it just get me back on the straight an narrow.

    I appreciate that there’s a playlist posted at bodybuilding inspiration because every time I look up this video I type that and I’m prepared to search through 8 years of videos to find it. But luckily this playlist saves me each time.


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