Dexter Jackson: “Men’s Open bodybuilding is the meat and potatoes of the sport.”

A CONVERSATION WITH DEXTER JACKSON – is a five part sit down interview with Dexter Jackson – the most decorated bodybuilders to ever exist in the sport including one Mr. Olympia win and five Arnold Classic victories. Dexter discussed with director Vlad Yudin about his legacy, his future, and the current state of bodybuilding. New episodes air every Thursday!

In the final part of our sit down interview with Dexter Jackson, The Blade discusses deeper about the other divisions in the sport and also the role social media plays as the magazine industry slowly fades away. Ultimately, Dexter stands strong on his opinions about Men’s Open bodybuilding being not only the foundation that keeps the entire sport together – but also the spotlight that will always stand tall among other divisions.

As the NPC and IFBB have continued to expand into new divisions allowing for a wider variety of shapes and sizes in competitive bodybuilding – the conversation has turned towards whether or not Men’s Open bodybuilding will stay on top or if another division could gain more popularity and become the headliner of the sport. But the way Dexter Jackson sees it, Men’s Open is the lynch pin that keeps all of the other divisions together. Surely, these newer divisions are finding success and plenty of athletes and fans to follow along – but if Men’s Open wasn’t there to carry the load and spearhead each major event, the rest of it would fall apart.

That’s why Dexter Jackson is proud to be a bodybuilder and still competes to this day. As the interview series comes to a close, Dexter explains how his passion for the sport is what has kept him competing all these years despite having won every major bodybuilding show and being the most decorated athlete in the history of the sport.

Bodybuilding is his foundation just as it is the foundation of the entire IFBB. Why would he retire only to move on to a different job that he loves less? Ultimately, he’s making a living enjoying his passion every single day. That’s all anyone could ask for – and it’s what drives Dexter to continue to be a top bodybuilder to this day.

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  1. Bro, all the Olympia competitors should be proud they are on stage, but not the pride of being on the Olympia stage, but being on the Olympia stage with a long living legend who brings history in the game, and also STILL competing shoulder to shoulder at the highest level. I dunno how much they really know this, like digest it and feel it, but if I were them, I would be very proud. Thank you for proving the impossible!

  2. thank you for the interview but why are you cutting the video so that you repeat the beginning of damn video twice? there is no benefit to it if you are not referencing something deep into the video!

  3. Dexter is pathetic he is trying to be like lebron just play till he old and hope people will not rate him for less rinds than Jordan. Dexter will never be Ronnie he got his ass best year after year and still doing a bunch of little shows acting like he the best

  4. dexter… my friend… I respect you very much…. but we nobody knows for a fact that you would have been able to achieve 7 or 8 sundowns by training hard… so take it easy.. and have some respect for Roney

  5. Here's why Dexter is not wrong: Check out Google trends and put in Dexter Jackson and Classic Physique. More people search just Dexter than they do the entire category that is classic physique.

  6. tell me this….you wanna be Ronnie or Dorian and dominate the sport for a decade….or you wanna be one time mister olypia Dexter Jackson and people behind you like Jay Cutler saying that they give that olympia to you

  7. Dexter said if I beat some one on stage he will never beat me again . Well dexter beat jay cutler and won the Olympia and the following year jay beat him and got the title back .

  8. I'm no professional interviewer, but it seems like Vlad needs to work on his transitions from question to question. He asks a question, Dexter answers, *no reaction from Vlad, and BAM next question. It feels like more of an interrogation than an interview.

  9. When it comes to life after bodybuilding you cant compare ronnie a Dorian.Yates dropped it like a bad smell and focused on his business where is Coleman still kills himself in the gym eventhough his body is shot.Bb was a business to yates but it was life and death to Coleman.

  10. I don't think it's trolling when somebody as knowledgeable as you shut down the nonsense that these people are spreading about bodybuilding and the like imo.

  11. Whats this part 1, part 2, part 3, bull***t ? If you got an interview put the thing up . Stop this amateur part 1 & 2 bull****. It makes it sound like your trolling for views.

  12. Watching these recent Dex videos really makes me not like him. Arrogant, self absorbed and hypocritical. And in regards to open class bodybuilding, open class should be about Mass with Class and getting big while remaining aesthetic. Arnold was the prime example of this, he wanted to get bigger while retaining his shape and physique's flow. Shawn Ray was another of this type. Wesley Vissers has expressed the concern that Classic Physique has restrictive weight limits which don't allow some competitors to utilize their full potential, and he doesn't mean that mass monsters should compete in classic but has acknowledged that he and others may need a higher weight limit to actually look classic! I understand that the mass monsters generate a lot of the buzz in bodybuilding but true fans for the most part desire to see people with shapely physiques.

  13. Ive heard listened to man dissing the GOAT, this man should be able to sit & brag, He holds more titles than any of the top pro's, yester year + present. He's bold & confidence well done Dext. Adding he's humble enough I listened to much of the UNC lol. He's likely on his last run abt the track… He gotta make bread & shit talk gets attention. He's won a lesser comp tampa 2019? if I recall correct. 4 wk Mr O he's a very real chance of winning if… the lads r off slightly off! Easily done! spill over! Great vid 100% Roelly W, Brandon C, Will Bonac. Open BB is in great shape ie atheletes. The IFBB needs to trim it's bush! fr fr… too many atheletes in sum of the other leagues… Mr money Love the guy: Blade ps Luke Sandoe a huge star on the rise Holla

  14. Mr dexter how you can be like ronnie ? You can not Its not an option no body until now like ronnie the king coleman , after 20 years when any one talks about hestory of mr olympia and bodybuilding they will stop long and fascinated on ronnie coleman name , show some respect mr dexter you are good but he is g.o.a.t on this game

  15. I've always liked the blade's physique but I've always liked the Mass Monsters even Lee Priest may have been short in stature but he carried a lot of mass and muscle in my opinion mostly through trial and error the difference is not so much machines are better on the joints which in part they may be I just think like in Ronnies case he should have lighten the amount of heavy weight he didn't need to lift that heavy anymore especially when he performed his heavy movements doing 1 to 2 reps that's where I think things begin to turn around for Ronnies body he started incorporating powerlifting into his bodybuilding program I believe machines have their place but if you just lighten the amount of free weight you lift and a higher Rep range of 10 to 20 you'll fare out just as well as to using machines guys like Mr.O Lee Haney & Shawn Ray just to name a couple did low rep training at the start but then after that higher Rep prevailed throughout their career and they never had an injury in my opinion there's nothing better than free weights because your moving weight in it's natural manner and stabilization comes into play Squats will always be better than leg presses and hack Squats because with machines there is no need for stabilizer muscles to come into play which brings better activation of the muscles which is why even though I'm still a fan of Dexter's physique but over the years I believe has depleted because of his use of mostly training with machines rather than free weights which have taken away the full muscle bellies that he used to represent and has given him a much flatter look on stage it's okay to use machines but your main workout should always consists of free weights just lighten the load and raise your repetitions higher even on compound movements Serge Nubret demonstrated that his rep range was mostly 12 to 15 and had a physique that was just as good as Arnold's if not better but his workouts mostly consisted of free weights and he also likely Haney and Shawn Ray never had a injury and the same way he trained in the 70's remained the same in his 70's free weights I believe if Dorian & Ronnie would have Incorporated that way of training things would have turned out different for the both of them this is just My opinion.


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