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  6. The key to building muscle fast is a structured diet, exercise and getting proper rest. Your body needs an increase in calories, proper muscle stimulus and recovery time for optimal growth. Here are some tips:
    1. Start Weight Lifting – Learn proper techniques
    2. Do Calisthenics or Compound Exercises
    3. Eat Whole Foods
    4. Get 8 hours of sleep
    5. Eat More Frequently
    6. Drink Lots of Water
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  8. Its all about steroids.  You can be the guy with the worst genetics, and go on the juice.  And you will in due time look better than the guy who is all natural with the best genetics.  Arnold – you wouldn't even know who he is if he never touched steroids.  Think about that.  Let it sink in.  Accept it as the truth for which it is. 

  9. Why the fuck would anyone want to look like that? It's fucking disgusting! and all for what anyway? What practical purpose does it serve to be that ridiculously jacked up? To have some fag grease you up so you can pose like a moron for other muscle fags and all congratulate each other for spending every waking hour doing nothing but pumping weights and flexing your muscles? I doubt these fucktards make much money either. It's all just one big steroid filled circle jerk of morons that do nothing but lift weights. Yeah, that's a great way to live your life. It must be so fun and fulfilling to do nothing but lift weights. Once they're too old to do that shit anymore what do they do then? become judges of these muscle fags? then onto the retirement home if they haven't already had a heart attack at 42. Fuck all of these morons. Arnie got out of this shit by the time he was 30 and I'm bet he's glad he found something worthwhile to do. The rest of em'? What a sad and pathetic existence to lead.

  10.     Due to recent occasion, I again point out,  that independent sports medicine urgently advised not to exercise excessive bodybuilding. Unnatural muscle formation damage the health irreparably. Furthermore originate mostly found main reasons for excessive muscle formation of a strong morbid personality disorder. There is a sufficient supply of healthy sport – activities, so that there is no rational reason to train bodybuilding. Bodybuilding serves exclusively to satisfy morbid, primitive needs and to satisfy the greed for profit of many suppliers of goods and bodybuilding events.

  11. These fags and the whole hard work and steroids debate, they trying to seem like they are in a different league of work than you. They It's hit difficult to work out for 4 hours non-stop or some bullshit like that. It's a fucking shortcut, you are getting stronger and bigger and a rate that is not naturally possible. Coming from the guy who's first cycle was Anapolon, Omnadren, and Equipoise. Still ate 5000-6500 calories and worked out for 3 hours everyday on top of boxing and judo training, without steroids I would be skinnier, weaker, and fatter.

  12. The problem isn't steroids themselves, guys who use steroids still work hard, although their results do come with an asterisk, they still work for what they have and I respect that. The problem is that videos such as these, glorifying steroid users, will encourage average people to go out and get roids in order to achieve the kinds of physiques displayed in this video. 

    Most people who are average in means and knowledge don't know where they are getting their roids from, nor the proper ways to go through a post cycle hormone shift, and a lot of the amateurs using roids will end up screwing themselves up in the long term. That's the problem, not the responsible users themselves.

  13. I find this gross looking and clearly a mental problem with these muscle builders who go this far.  It's not healthy and the road there is not healthy.  The mental stability of someone who puts all their focus on their looks is not healthy, especially since they passed up their prime barbells ago.


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