How to ensure you never overtrain again (and see faster results)

Do you really know what overtraining is? Are you wondering if the workout you are doing is leading you to be overtrained and costing you serious results in the process? If so then you’re going to want to watch this video about overtraining and what it really means to see for yourself if you’re guilty of this.

Overtraining has become a term of art, able to be defined by anyone however they choose to define it. The problem however is that OTS or Over Training Syndrome is anything but arbitrary. It’s a real condition that affects many drug free lifters or those who have not hit the one in one million genetic lottery.

Overtraining is often identified by someone who has stalled in making gains in either muscle size or strength, someone who has lost all enthusiasm for going to the gym, or eve someone who has become more susceptible to non workout related muscle aches or joint pains.

In order to see serious results from your training you have to push yourself beyond your own limits of comfort. You have to force your muscles to grow. This takes a serious effort and it takes one that is achieved in the shortest amount of time necessary to create that need. Natural lifters need every opportunity to maximize their recovery and this comes away from the gym. Banging away at set after set of submaximal intensity or even worse, set after set of incredible intensity (after you have already stimulated enough for a change) is a bad use of your body’s resources.

So, to determine whether overtraining is good for you, you need to first decide how you want to define the term. If you are going to use the actual medical definition of it, then you are going to want to avoid overtraining.

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  1. I don't understand what overtraining is. Just simply lifting heavy everyday…but if you you wait 3 4 days before hiting same muscle group is that still overtraining…how about doing hit cardio or pushups at home pkus weight that overtraining too? I dont understand

  2. Over training is when your body shuts down, training to optimum level is when sleep, good nutrition, and genetics have fully prepared you for your next workout after training beyond failure. Read this twice, and remember it.

  3. I understand the idea that training for hours at one time can lead to overtraining, however, can working out multiple times a day, let's say after breakfast, lunch then maybe a run after dinner, can lead to overtraining? Even if the exercises intense but spread out throughout the day; an individual would be training more than 2 hours a day, just not all at once.

  4. So i love your videos, they teach me so much. So i was wondering, i practice freeletics body weight (hiit)
    Could i do that in the morning, run in the afternoon, then lift at night? Each about 30min to an hour each? Im not really looking for gains as much as to pack on lean muscle and slim down.
    I know Buddhist monks train daily but they dont have any kind of noticable muscle mass, so i figured the weight lifting would help counteract that.

  5. I've spent an hour and a half in the gym 6 days a week for the last month and a half and I can definitely tell you, I drag myself to the gym in the morning and start with little energy now, sure midway through the workout I'll find my boost and get into it for sure but I've gained 6 pounds in a week and its not muscle, despite me making very few concessions on my dietary actions. I'm gonna take 2 days off and try to shorten it up a bit and find my mojo again. The only problem I have with taking an hour and a half at the gym would be, on for example Monday I do back and biceps, so it takes a while to get through it( I follow the athlean perfect workout series)

  6. how come arnold would train up to 5 hours a day? have you seen how he was training? i have never seen anyone go that hard in a gym and he did it for hours and hours every day

  7. Over training is good , cause ur muscles start to adapt and grow., Just like starting a pyhsically abusive job and your sore the next day but you gotta go back do it all over again and again and then change is in order.

  8. Listen to your body….never fails….you need the rest to grow….overtraining is working out the stupid way…..hurting your muscle, is not a good thing to do…..overtraining were I come from is a negative situation….bottom line work out smart….

  9. i just talked to a college kid today who told me his routine: upper body day 1, lower body day 2, then repeat. I told him that is a poor routine and he got offended. Personally, I train each muscle 1X every 4-5 days and go to near failure on every set except warmups.

  10. Jeff I play basketball and lift weights 3x a week to supplement it so I do a full body workout but with excercises that strengthen many muscles so my weight training is still only about 60-65 mins if u cut out the 10 min warm up and 20 min Cardio afterwards. Any glaring mistakes somebody would correct?

  11. It's the difference between OVERLOAD and OVRRTRAINING.
    Nobody is saying to take it easy. Go HARD. Train to FAILURE, just don't do a bunch of half assed sets of the same exercise 36 hours later.
    And get some sleep, and at least one day out of the gym per week.
    Make your sets COUNT.
    Doing a million more reps after that will just damage your joints and tendons, rob your energy, and reduce your gains.

  12. During muscles aches let's say lower body complete legs hip down and lower back. What could possible gains in arms or shoulders back so forth next day? Must a whole day or two be taken in order to replenish amino and let the acid subsid for the next muscle group function and build.

  13. I won the public lottery lol my heartbeat in rest was at 32 beats per minut, 8 years ago due to the extra energy that I hade from my hyper thyroids glands theire are now sindsthen taken away 8 years ago so untill my 30th year I hade no muscles gains but 3,4 more energy then a normal person I discoverd that energy at my 25th and I traind allmost every day for 4h my most in 10 days was 40h of trainning my most in one day was 3000 sit-ups in 3 times that day thats one sit-up every 4,2 sec x 3000 , and now sinds the opperation that energy that I hade I lost and I am findelly gainning muscles now ,and every last trainning I see that it is still more and more that I'm gainning , I was the strongest of the world and fittest , since now 8 I want to become the most muscular of the world , I also playd basket allmost every day for 4h from my 11th untill my 20 th and I could score the 2 and 3 pointers 7,8 times out of 10 sorry for the long text lol

  14. It’s simple. Overtraining is bad if you can’t bring it. Do as much as you can if you can go fuckin hard, if you aren’t feeling it take the day off but show up to the gym every day. You don’t know until you get into a set.

  15. honestly i dont think i won the genetic lottery but i do workout 7 days a week 2-4 hours a day…. i have lost 9 pounds and went from a 95 pound deadlift to a 225 pound deadlift in a month and a half….. honestly i think there is no problum with this as long as you have the nutrition to maintain this workout….. with this being said im 171 now i eat about 4000 calories of food and macro diet to ensure i get my nutrition needed…. its not hard to keep up this lvl but you have to eat right to support the activity you are doing

  16. Question I have is, if working out my entire body twice a week 3-4 hours or more is increasing stength, size and endurance, what can I do the other 2 days I'm resting for. I already run twice a week and bike once a week heavily , I'm feeling my body needs and wants more.

  17. Hi Jeff, maybe off topic , but is a VO2 max test a good idea if you want an indication of general fitness, is it advisable to do the test if your goal is fat loss or muscle building?

  18. When you feel overtraining in LIFE take papa Jeff advice
    "Try to do less and see if its more for you, im preaty much will to bet that 9 out of 10 times it will be more for you" then maybe take some good rest and try to wake up in the morning, and make your bed

  19. Overtraining doesn't "force" your body to adapt. The human body can only adapt to so much stress, and completely overdoing it will do nothing. It's about whats practical. If you are already shoveling pounds of chicken and rice down your throat, you are damn near bed ridden from trying to sleep so much, you have no social life whatsoever, sometimes its more practical to train less and actually make gains than try to shovel even more food down your throat. I wasted a year trying to train legs multiple times a week, and I made no gains whatsoever. Though I worked a very physical job, with 10 hour days. If I worked a desk job, I would have been fine. I went down to training legs once a week, and my strength went up more in two months and it did the entire year before. Sure, if I ate more and slept more, I probably could have done it, but what's the point? Better to make gains from training less than to try to chase an excessive workout routine.

    Not to mention I have so much more energy, Im less lethargic, I feel much better. But keep in mind, I DID work a physical job. That makes you MUCH more prone to overtraining. If I was a teenager who didn't have any job or bills or stress, I probably could do it.

  20. But…, what if gaining muscle is not your goal. What if cardio is, don't those marathon or iron Man athletes train for hours and hours, aren't they overtraining. What if they cut down their training time. Will they perform better? What about those Jeff?

  21. Their logic: if you are sick, you need to overdose your medication, so the body has no chance to stay sick. And oversleep if you are tired, to balance the tiredness. Overeat to get more vitamins

  22. I think it’s pretty rare to see overtraining. Yes it’s a bad thing when it happens, but I think a lot of small dudes are like “oh fuck THATS the problem, I’m overtraining” when really they just don’t hit the gym hard enough often enough and eat enough food.

  23. If I put in intensity and consistency with ~1 hour workouts, and I work out the same muscle group 2 days in a row to feel that soreness, and then the 3rd day focus on legs, is that overtraining? Cause I’m giving myself a rest day after those first 2 days by doing leg day

  24. Jeff you need to make a clear distinction betwen overtraining And progressive overload, c,mon man you are educating people no need to over complicate and confuse things plz, really….

  25. Most people don’t overstrain with volume, frequency, or rest imo. They overtrain by using a little too much weight for two long. It’s fun for awhile but eventually you dread going to the gym and trying your fucking best to handle this weight with good form, but you can’t escape that feeling of something feeling off. So you hate yourself and feel like you’re weak. But you don’t want to quit. And that’s overtraining

  26. I have a question so I am 14 and I work out my arms till I can't lift a weight anymore, after I eat breakfast. Then I do the same after I eat lunch and after dinner is this bad and if it is what could happen

  27. I literally am in and out the gym within 45 minutes with 20 minutes cardio. Bang out the sets, rock the weight and leave. Stop staring at the phone at the gym and stop flexing for a half hour lol getturrr dunnn

  28. My arm workout is 2 hrs – I kill them. But I follow by 2 days off. I am making good gains. Should I start training fewer hours per trip and make more trips to the gym? Say working arms 3x per week for 1 hour?

  29. I can relate to this video because I always trained for like 2 hours but could not see results then I just worked harder but using less time in the gym used more time to recover and started eating better and I actually started to see some serious changes so yes I agree work hard as hell but dont make the work outs to long


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