Mutant Classic 2019
Event date: 24 November 2019
Manila Hotel, Philippines

Mutant Classic Bodybuilding 2019 Results:☣
Physique Short
1st place-Johnald Romero
2nd place-Marvin Cabas
3rd place-Zandrix Balacut Rebolon

Physique Tall
1st place-Karym Nathan Saripada
2nd place-Dindo Barcena
3rd place-Wins Hipe

Bodybuilding Below 70kg
1st place-Orlando C. Dela Baja
2nd place-Eljul T. Camunay
3rd place-Jeno Dado Mo sale

Bodybuilding 71kg to 80kg
1st place-ariel Guong
2nd place-Adya Novali
3rd place-Mheni

Bodybuilding Open Division
1st place- John Andrew Cifra
2nd place-Joseph O. Ferandez
3rd place-Reynold Domalsin


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