NEW BOOK ABOUT GYNECOMASTIA BY BLAU ON AMAZON 2015.Dr. Mordcai Blau is an internationally renowned expert in gynecomastia surgery. Dr. Blau is the only surgeon who exclusively performs gynecomastia surgery or male breast reduction. Dr. Blau has performed over 6,000 of gynecomastia removals, more than other surgeons claim.

Dr. Blau’s gynecomastia center is located in White Plains, NY, which is convenient to New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut.




  1. @caraclunio
    i was 14 or som my chest start to look like a breast,,i could never took my shirt of but now i'm 28 it's been 3 year's i'm doing gym,,the big lower chest i had do i use it to my advantage i workd so had to build a upper chest now i have a big beautiful chest my point is yes exercise work,,i know how is bro,,don't make a big thing out of it my gal now my wife she did'n care so good luck

  2. @Mattygvdb

    well i actually do agree with you.some people don't truely know how something can bother someone unless there going threw it themselves.i have things on my body i look at too and would want them better so i see what you mean.there us gyno then there's severe i see what you mean man.

  3. Im 22 years old, i have gotten a gyno surgery done in the past at age 16, unfortunately the gyno was not completely removed. How much is it for a revision gyno surgery? I have mild gyno atm.

  4. Ive suffered from this since about age 12. It really does suck I havent been able to go swiming (which I love) or just wear taktops or even no shirt at all. Its really depressing and humiliating. I cant afford the surgery so I will just have to deal with this bullshit for the rest of my days.

  5. How do they tighten the skin after removing the tissue/fat? Could someone pls teme? It shouldn't be such that I end up getting this done and it leaves the skin looking worse!

  6. @HellionX Hey I never said they couldn't be used safely. It's the abusers who do 1500mg a day that will get severe side effects; I'm not disputing that it can be used safely. I'm just stating that bitch tits will never be THE WORST side effect, my aforementioned examples will always trump bitch tits in side effect severity. Seriously, you're not telling me bitch tits are WORSE than losing your nuts, right?
    Btw the capitals aren't yelling, they're meant to be italics. Lol.

  7. @HellionX ..but aren't you just a tad worried that later on in life – if you plan on having children, or MORE children – that it could affect this. Or maybe that it could lead to other problems with your nuts? And on a side note, can't gyno just be removed with surgery, as shown in this very clip? But it can come back after surgery right?

  8. @HellionX Lol I know I'm starting to get annoying but what's secondary shrinking? How many stages of shrinking is there? By "insurance" do you mean as in the public health system? So even if you have private health insurance (not sure what it's called in the States) they wouldn't contribute at all?

  9. i have PUFFY nipples just like these guys that only get hard when they're cold, but i went to my doctor today and he said i don't have gynecomastia, i don't get it? and i'm not fat – 18 years old 5'10 160 lbs, wtf? lol heelp?

  10. everyone here is saying you can only get gyno if you abuse steroids, your stupid if you think thats true, im 20. I've had gyno scince i was 12. trust me i didn't use roids at 12 years old

  11. @NYYequal26RINGS i have the same problem man im a bodybuilder they only get hard in the shower or cold its just fatty tissue that needs to be dieted out thats all gyno is when it hurts real bador actually looks like a tit

  12. I work out, but before I started working out I became a little fat. But I still have those nipples after losing weight/building muscle (no steroids!) But they only show when I feel warm, when cold they're pretty normal. Is that gynecomastia too? And, if I get surgery for it, how long do I have to wait for working out again? Thanks in advance for the answer ­čÖé

  13. @100percentNatural100 Don't be a douche bag and you would know that this is an actual condition that anyone can get. It could be hereditary. I never did any drugs yet I suffered from it.

  14. @Namaan63 Not always.. I know naturel bodybuilders(and as they are close friends i KNOW it's drug-free) with this problem.. In fact a lot of teens cope with this problem but with most of them it dissapears after puberty..

  15. @Namaan63 Btw i don't see any sign of steroid use with these men as they are not realy huge, just well trained. And some of them dont even look like bodybuilders but just like average fitness people.

  16. i have i bad case this fucking condition too and i thought u can t get it off with workout but it seems u be honest i would take the before pic of most of these guys.if i had a chest like that i would not even think of surgery,only if they are pro bodybuilders who compete then go for surgery

  17. i also have this problem and i never took steroids. the lower part of the chest is the problem. i do my workouts regularly for several years and it's the same.

  18. I started going to the gym because i am skinny and about two months in i starting feeling a lump under my left nipple, it grew a bit then, then another one started appearing on the right nipple. They are sensitive to touch(hurt).
    I'm 18 years old and i don't take supplements or anything similar, i don't do drugs(not even coffee) I had them when i was younger but that was normal.

    I this caused because of the testosterone produced from weight lifting? is surgery the only way?

  19. We are proud to announce that in 2012 we performed a record 317 gynecomastia surgeries, a figure we have just reported to the Statistics Department of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. About 100 of our gynecomastia patients were traveling from abroad, and another 100 traveled from out of state. More than 100 cases involved the revision of gynecomastia surgery originally performed elsewhere.

  20. The best thing you can do a relieve gynecomastia is to adopt a plant-based diet. Meat and dairy products contain growth hormones that aren't supposed to be part of the human body. Hence we have this unnatural growth in the breasts. Stay away from dairy and meat and you won't develop gynecomastia.

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  22. Hey Dr. Blau. My name is Bill. I'm really anxious to have my gynecomastia taken care of. I am ready for my surgery. What should my first steps be in terms of scheduling a procedure?

  23. Hey, so have you tried Baker Henistole's suggestion? Google him if you're fed up and just want to have a flat chiseled chest without havenÔÇÖt to go through 6months of training. It's all natural, and you can get it over within 30 days or less.


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