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  1. the key to oly lifting: shoulder and ankle mobility. You want to use your scapulas to stabilize the snatch, keep your cervical spine active don't poke your head forward in the bottom of the snatch like a bird, and stay on your heels. Pull your scapulas together, brace your core, and stabilize with your shoulders in the bottom. The timing, second pull and triple extension will naturally come with practice, but use those mental cues because those tend to stand in the way of big prs

  2. Personally I think weightlifting is the hardest of all sports involving a weights gym because of how technical it is. Theres so much more than the main movements, mobility training, conditioning, back and lat strengthening. Including some of those less known exercises will make this really interesting

  3. Silent Mike : really cool. I am practicing the lifts by myself. The Power Snatch is easier than the full Snatch for me . Seeing others, especially an accomplished Athlete like you, go through the basic learning stages makes my journey a lil easier.

  4. I spend 30 min stretching…band stretching is a must. Using straps in the front rack position for 1 min at 135lb gets rid of the lack of mobility. I have to do it before every olympic lift, because I just have terrible mobility. Torokthy and california strength videos taught me everything about olympic weightlifting…but it also took several months to perform them. Keep it up, you have to have your heart into it.

  5. I would love to get into weightlifting, looks so powerful. You have to be explosive and athletic. However I think it would be more beneficial for me to grow a lot stronger still with normal lifts. When I can deadlift 240kg then I could move on to weightlifting.

  6. Think you should be focusing more on mobility instead of putting weight on the bar. Your front rack is nonexistent, you have the softest elbows ever in the snatch, and your shoulder mobility is terrible.

  7. Why are you deliberately cutting the 1 move clean into two distinct parts? It's not "lift it to shoulders" + "do a squat"……it's supposed to be lift it and as it's moving upward, fast-crouch down below it and catch it. Maybe you're not training for that unified clean just yet….??

  8. I prefer Olympic weightlifting over powerlifting just cause you don't run into the "he's doing sumo dead lift" or " tf is wrong with that arched back" it's just straight did he lift the weight I love how everything comes together into 2 movements and that's the whole sport

  9. Thank God I never learned this way. I learned weightlifting from someone who learned from someone else who learned from a real man. Probably his grandpa's grandpa's daddy who can still whoop u at 200 or 300 years old. Not domestic animal males posing as cute and mamby pamby men who need approval from anyone who resembles daddy. Small, sick, sad and fucked up.
    You're never gonna learn weightlifting like that Mike.

  10. Olympic lifters seem to be having fun more than powerlifters, most of the time. Wonder why that is. There's more "grind" in powerlifting, with the movements being slower and all. In weightlifting, you either lift it fast or not at all. Kinda funny how weightlifters generate more power than powerlifters. Powerlifting is really strength lifting. Speed kills.

  11. In my one year of doing oly lifts I've only hit one perfect snatch during a PR. The bar had no sway as I hit the bottom of the squat and I stood up so easily. Best feeling ever. Totally made all my other shitty trainings and fails worth it.

  12. I noticed the guy giving you directions is wearing a SLEEP shirt, love that band, highly recommend everyone check them out, just came out with a new album!


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