1. Holy shit dude, this is so fucking awesome, congraaaaaaaats,
    Lockdowns hitting me pretty hard financially so I can't really make any meaningful donation right now, but I'd love to do what I can in the moment and when shit clears up give this project what it really deserves; I truly hope for the sake of the entire world that this tree gets to bear fruit

  2. Also, jokes aside this seems like a really dope project, you can bet your ass we are excited to see you on the screen in this kind of medium. I feel like in the past few years weightlifting has seen a resurgence in popularity and worked it's way into the mainstream, no thanks to the digital personalities such as yourself who provide excellent guidance, advice and motivation to get under a bar.

    Mr Zack, you're continuing to find new and awesome ways to promote the sport. Props.

  3. Wait isn't there a Turkish movie about Naim Suleimanoglu that's already done? But I guess that's about his life and weightlifting is secondary in it.

  4. They did a movie about arm wrestling for god sake. I would see this because I am weightlifter. A very good friend of ours from Ukraine, Zahnna Ivanovich, who was jr. world champion power lifter and covered powerlifting as translator and ambassador, approach Arnold at big event and ask him why no movie about powerlifting. He told her straight out that it would make no money and only handful of people interested. He just walk away. Then movie comes out a few years ago about aspiring jazz drummer and gets nominated for Oscar. Crazy. And was total farce about being jazz drummer. I wish success for this film. Because…who knows.

  5. I really hope this comes to pass. I can't even begin to think of all the possible aspects of weightlifting and strength culture in general that I would love to see in film.

  6. The film looks like its about the fucking Random dude… i wouldnt support that… i dont give a sht what he does or what hes been through, unless he was an olympic gold medalist. What i want is a movie that focuses on the story of weightlifting and how different people compete and sturggle to get on the podium. the current documentary about weightlifting doesnt tell much about the sport but more about people. I want to see a film about the SPORT!!

  7. OMG that Donny Shankle short film truly touched my heart! I loved every second, and kinda related to it even though I have never competed. I really hope that this whole thing comes through.

    In my culture of Islam, today is a holiday we call Eid, and it's a day of charity and giving; parents give gift their children, siblings gift each other and so on. Since I really believe in this cause, all the money I gain today from family will be donated as little as it, I just hope that it helps.

    Big love,

  8. I think this is the first Kickstarter I've ever given to. It's not much (exchange rates are a bitch when you're not American), but hope it helps.

  9. This is an amazing project, the history of weightlifting goes deeper than any other sport in my opinion and there are stories that bring people like us to tears that other people could care less about. I hope that this puts weightlifting just that bit closer to the mainstream so that people can fully appreciate the sport and the people that dedicate their lives to it. Make this project one of the best things that will happen to the sport, if anyone is to do it it should be you all.

  10. $30 sent towards it. I would absolutely love to see this film become reality! Also a huge fan of your commitment passion and dedication to the sport! Keep doing what you're doing!

  11. Honestly, high level WL is definitely dependent upon your level of physical fitness, your body that you have. But as a professional actor in the strength sports community, I'd wager both skills absolutely require equitable amounts of time and effort. People go to conservatories and train 12 hours a day for up to four years to develop decent acting skills. And then some continue into graduate level conservatories as well. It's a lot of commitment.


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