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  1. Lauren is one of my national level lifters who I coach remotely but I was able to work with her in person. The goal of this session was to set in place a system for the set up and initial pull. This way, if she ever deviates from this, we’ll know and have a set dialogue to fix the problem. Let me know if you guys benefit from this style of content and I’ll be sure to post more.

  2. When you say anchor your hips how low is that exactly? Also I do really like this style of videos. Gives me a better understanding of the cues you talk about when someone else is performing them live

  3. Thank you for the great video Zack! My understanding is that beginner lifters (like myself) should learn and be proficient with a static start first before considering a dynamic start. How would coach the setup for a static start? Thank you!

  4. Zack this is great content. It showcases your coaching while giving us viewers something tangible to work with. Your commentary videos are still informative, but your coaching / instructional videos are where you really shine.

  5. Hey Zack, fellow long lacrosse boi here. I know this has been done a million times before, but could you make a video on squat form? I’ve always had trouble going below parallel and would love to see your opinion on it.

  6. What is your opinion on a start position where you gather tension in a deep squat and then pull yourself over the bar? I dont feel like I can get in a tight position using the method shown in this video

  7. Hey zack just a coaching tip from a fellow coach (other sport) is to try and say the same things as you do in the video but with lesser words and maybe a bit more intensity. You need to keep your lifters attention and especially if you look at the first minute with what I said above in mind you will understand. Don’t worry it will take time and that’s fine.

  8. Another thoughtful piece Coach. Very counter, as you note, to the widely espoused directive to get shoulders back before pulling. Very interesting and helpful. Your athlete Lauren shows why women are way more coachable than men – she metabolized your instruction almost immediately.

  9. This is super cool. As a taller lifter (well, 5'10" but 5' of that is femur), I've found that with heavier weights I can end up with a slightly rounded upper back in the power position, causing me to lose a lot force production there. The fix I've been experimenting with is pulling my shoulders back in the set up like she was doing initially. I've been finding some success with that, but it's really interesting to here this other take on it. Maybe it's just that I needed to brace my core more from the start as this would suggest. Marcin Dolega comes to mind as someone who can snatch the house but doesn't really pin his shoulders back all that much. Tian Tao on the other hand has formal dinner party level posture straight from his start position. Also, as someone who's dabbled in coaching, and hopes to do more of that in the future, videos like these are super interesting and valuable. Thanks again for what you're doing for our weird and awesome sport, Zack.

  10. Addendum to my prior comment – I tried this “more natural thoracic” position. It didn’t go well. As weight got heavier, it became a back throw/front raise. And my QL’s lit up instead of engaging my glutes, which Cal Dietz talks about is such a dysfunctional cuing pattern. Why does Clarence Kennedy pull from such an upright position? And Wes Kitts clearly sets his shoulders back before every pull. But it clearly works for you Zack, so I guess its all about finding one’s individual body mechanics-based technique, on the margin at least.

  11. I definitely prefer a dynamic start over static being on the shorter torso/ leggy-er side. Feels way more engaged and powerful. Also a bit more forgiving if it's not absolutely perfect.

  12. Coach ZT i have a question. Sorry for my bad english.

    I perform the 13 weeks cycle. In weeks with the AMRAP, so i must amrap every last set or only in the last training of this week?

    Like this cycle very mutch and it gave me a lot.


  13. Zack, it is very good content. Thank you. What I am interested now is what are the rules to qualify snatch as successful and failed. Sometimes I see lifts which seems to be good, but then referees give it all red. I know lifter has to lock his arms properly, but sometimes it is not enough. It would be great if you can make a video about it. I care more about videos like this one than funny videos with your Russian team 🙂 The other topic which bother me is how to stand up from the bottom. Should I drive with my hips up or rather use my quads to do it. I train in cross fit gym and they tell me to use my hips.


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