[Clarence Kennedy] https://www.youtube.com/user/clarence0


0:00 Intro
2:54 What Is The Snatch?
3:20 Why Learn The Snatch Before The Clean & Jerk
3:39 Grip For Olympic Lifting
4:02 How To Approach Learning The Snatch
4:34 Finding Your Snatch Grip Width

Part 1
5:18 Behind The Neck Snatch Grip Press
5:55 Overhead Squat
6:37 What Is Extension
7:04 Scarecrow
7:29 Hang Muscle Snatch
8:07 Behind The Head Snatch Grip Jerk
8:58 Combining Everything So Far

Part 2
9:38 Snatch Balance
10:35 Drop Snatch
11:12 Hang Power Snatch
11:59 Hang Full Snatch

Part 3
12:31 Starting Position For the Snatch Pull
13:09 Snatch Deadlift
14:00 Snatch Pull
14:46 Most Common Snatch Pull Mistake To Avoid
15:16 Full Muscle Snatch
16:06 Power Snatch

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  1. Man that is why when i was a teenager and i starting lifting , i used to weigh 55KG but i could easily overpower 75-80 Kg guys of my age easily. And people were like how are you that strong. i was like "Powerlifting" bitch. This Guy is not Clark Kent but he is Goku of the real world.

  2. I would be happy to be half as strong as this dude but I would give my left nut to have his hip and shoulder flexibility. Sweet baby Jesus. I tried doing this is recorded it and the difference is incredible. I guess I'll add a few more hours of shoulder flexibility stretches per week.

  3. Very informative and helpful thank you very much for the time taken to make that video I found myself practicing the motion right after and I very quickly understood that the bar has to be taken to hips then give that fast hip title on bar pull in scarecrow and go under the bar and drop same time … thing is I dont have the technique come from a powerlifting background am in athletic shape though but just to say first time listen and I perfectly understood the bar to hip and hip tilt motion … just to say how it was very nicely demonstrated thank you

  4. i love doing shoulder press exercises but i have never tried these . Is more like a full body workout when you do them or what can someone educate me or link me something that explains the benefits 😀 thank you 😛

  5. A steroid abusing vegan. The world we live in. Also, you'd have to be inept to think that was a good 220 clean and jerk. In out in out in out, out while you take three steps… WOW what a lift!

  6. I'm 67 and brand new to O lifting (or ANY lifting of ANY kind, for that matter). I cannot do the overhead squat without the weight coming way forward. What can I do to overcome this, or, at 67, is it a lost cause?? My best snatch is 43 kilos and my best cnj is 56. When I go to the Canadians in May, I really want to have a total of 120. What exercises can I do to loosen up my shoulders?????

  7. Once I get to the third part about the overhead squat, everything goes right down the toilet. So much hip tightness and lack of mobility it's pathetic. Weight on toes and hells coming off ground, can't even get down very deep, bar is all shaky behind me. It's like total hell. But looks super easy in this video… No amount of stretching and mobility routines seem to help at all.

  8. i am 29 years old. been doing strongman training for a year. i discovered clarence about 6 months ago and i'm obsessed with his content
    is it possible for someone of my age to learn olympic weightlifting and to train myself in my garage? anyone with any advice. not too many gyms if any here in san antonio can offer me training and if they can it's super expensive for a trainer.
    any suggestions would help


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