How to CLEAN with Olympian Sonny Webster – Olympic Weightlifting – Technique Breakdown – I HIT A NEW CLEAN PB – Sonny tries Crossfit


  1. Sonny spends no time in the hole, straight out only at 187 was there a minor bounce. Is that lightweight and lots of volume to develop technique/power or does he use plyometrics to aid his lifts?

  2. I think a big question I would like to have heard addressed is the bar height in the clean. should you work to get UNDER the bar more then the height up the bar or the other way around ?

  3. Love this video so so much! So inspiring to see you both as awesome lifters to struggle with that mental barrier of lifting heavy. I actually got my bf to blind test me with my back squats as I was struggle to go higher than 90kg and I got 95kg not knowing the weight. Freeing your mind of self-expectation is BIG! Xx

  4. Hey Craig/Jas/Team.

    Mate i was put onto your channel by the great man John from obese2beast around 4 months ago and boy am i glad.

    watching you Jas, John and your old man on the regular has been inspiring and ive loved every second. you guys gave me the strength to go join a box and do my first workout yesterday.

    800m run
    30 alternating dumbell snatches
    30 box jumps
    time cap 20mins

    now i didnt finish (6 Reps shy) but i tell you what, I DIDNT QUIT. it was a brutal workout but, i just wanted to keep moving.

    These videos with sonny are awesome, its great to see a pro take time to give tips and pointers for espically beginners like myself.

    keep up the awesome content dude. again thanks for your awesomeness!!

  5. Awesome video! It's so refreshing to see and hear that even strong lifters like both of you lose confidence or let fear creep into your head. I'm definitely going to try dropping weight, get the confidence back and then go for the PR. Thanks Craig

  6. Great video. I am a beginner with olympic lifting but love it so far. Got a good coach and learning everything I can about the techniques. Loved that you're not all full of anything, except you're honest and encouraging. Sonny is powerful. 187kg clean is beyond my imagination. I can barely do 80kg cleans and 140kg deadlifts. Keep up the great videos!

  7. No way I can get my elbows that high, I really struggle with that part of the movement. I’m almost scared to drop under it because I know it won’t be resting on my shoulders

  8. So…pretty much a Conventional Deadlift at the start. Then followed by leg contact at the quads, lift bar up ontop shoulders and while bringing elbows under bar simultaneously. Then front squat.

  9. I changed my thumbs down to a thumbs up. When the video finally got to the clean demo (almost five minutes of drivel) the guy who provided the clean demo did a fantastic job.Its was one of the most understandable well done clean demos I have seen.

  10. I have seen your snatch tutorial and now this, Excellent mate:-). Really, very well explained, plain and simple with demonstrations, once again brilliant mate 🙂 thumbs up

  11. So gratifying in a weird way to see someone at the top struggling with the mental barrier! I've just started cleans and snatches and I struggle every single session with my brain getting in the way! Thanks for a great video!


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