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  1. You're right. You are smart if you understand you need to eat right at your age to kill your belly.

    Listen to this one of my friend working in fitness field suggested me this 7 secret food items to kill our jelly belly.

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  2. I would disagree with that. Thats rather simplified or better say,banal explanation and overall look. Yes,legs and back got to be strong to do that,and yes-those parts are most important,but abs or core got to be strong and developed too,and thats also most important. What I want to say is-you forgot the shoulders,that part has to be really strong (its developing with that anyway). Biceps -it works also,by (partial) reverse grip barbel curl movement,alright-no peak,but its developing thickness

  3. I used to build (well attempt anyway) but struggled to put on weight. I started training at my local gym in between University years 2 and 3 and discovered Oly lifting and Crossfit – getting a solid base for Oly lifting before starting on crossfit so my strength will aid me.
    I have gained more mass, shape and strength in one summer of Oly Lifting than 2 years of attempted building. I love the sport and would hate to give it up. However, i do put in some extra exercises for specific muscle groups

  4. I've watched a lot of your videos and you are always articulate, always objective and give damn good advice. I just enjoy your point of view on most things, like this video. OLY lifts – man muscle, functional movements. Speed, flexibility, power- boom. Look at Dmitry Klokov. Looks like a bodybuilder but is in fact a world class OLY lifter. Anyway, thanks for your videos and keep up the strong work.

  5. Elliot, I love your stuff, but this is one of the few times I've seen you miss the fundamental problem.  The real reasons that bodybuilding style training doesn't mix well with Olympic weightlifting are simpler, (and less controversial), than size and flexibility.

    Main reason 1 –   Olympic lifting is ALL about explosiveness.  It's a power sport.  Raw, explosive, ultra fast delivery of force, it the name of the game.  The snatch happens in fractions of a second and all training for it is done to specifically train your muscles for their fastest, most explosive movements, (under skill conditions of course).

    Bodybuilding is all about time under tension.  Getting maximal growth, (bodybuilding training), isn't done by focusing on building fast muscles.  So the more you focus on traditional bodybuilding training the more you are building muscles that are trained to be less explosive, (not more)

    Main reason 2 – Olympic lifting is a weight class sport.  Every single ounce of weight you have on needs to be functional for your sport.  At the top weight class, you have some guys with huge guns.  However, they are WAY stronger than bodybuilders with the same size arms because the muscle they have developed along the way to that size is all lean, dense, explosive muscle with absolutely no extraneous 'swole'…

    Bodybuilding training is all about size first, strength second, (explosiveness?  who gives a sh*t.)

    Those two reasons together are the real reasons that you just don't see competitive weightlifters spending time doing bodybuilding focused training, (at least none of the ones I know).

  6. I want to to become very good in golf and increase my speed, so I guess after this video Olympic lifting in a way could help me with this. Does anyone have experience with that?

  7. The problem with bodybuilding with olympic weightlifting is if you ever want to compete. Bodybuilding will cause you to be stuck into a heavier weight category and be less competitive, so you'd have to only consider competing in the max weight category.

    It's kind of like comparing strongman vs bodybuilder, lb for lb the strongman will beat all bodybuilders.

    I'm doing strength training these days, I only do bodybuilding for certain vanity muscles. Some of which help with strength training like bigger traps to rest the bar on for squats.

    Elliot hit the nail on the head regarding the biceps and forearms. If you have fat it will make it even harder and you can actually injure your joint when your biceps act as a fulcrum.

  8. They do not have to be mutually exclusive (aesthetics vs. performance). Functional hypertrophy exists and can help. As a former d1 gymnast, look at gymnasts. Look at powerlifter Stan Efferding. Big does not mean tight, inflexible. Lean and flexible does not mean weak.

  9. Just saw this old video and got reminded how much Elliot's channel has turned to shit compared to before. I just feel like Elliot as a person has jumped the shark or something.

  10. i wouldnt say hed be giving up biceps entirely. most olympic weight lifters have a well rounded body. definitely have more developed backs anf legs for sure. but they still have amazing biceps/shoulders/ chests/ ect. from a bodybuilder to a olympic weightlifter. yooud lose some size on your biceps. but in doing so and making the switch, youd end up with denser/stronger biceps that will look amazing regardless. only thing to worry about is weight class and what you can lift

  11. I imagine that yeah your biceps diminish a little (emphasis on very little) because the tension for doing these lifts with anything beyond 135 lb weights actually uses more bicep than you think.  I gained more bicep mass faster with deads than curling.  No I'm not bending my arms but the tension in the elbow and in the shoulder will engage all the associated muscles to maintain the joint during the lift.  Its actually quite amazing how something as boring as a deadlift can have such a massive impact.  Also most of the overhead lifts have a bicep element to the pull, however slight when you consider the weights in question you can see how even a small engagement is serious business. 

  12. You can have a decent rack position even with big arms…you just have to adjust accordingly. If you have big biceps…just keep your hand further away from your shoulders. See guys with decent size bi's do it all the time.

  13. how could you not love weightlifting, it's way more fun than bodybuilding. As well as strength, you're constantly workign technique & the longer you play the sport, the more you learn about the technique. Even after 30 years you'll still be learning more about Olympic Lifting and still tweaking your technique.

    But hey, all strength sports are good fun. I have nothing bad to say about any of them. Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Strongman or Weightlifting – it's better than not lifting at all.

  14. Just a correction about what Elliot says about biceps and how it hinders the clean. You can get around this because i had the same problem and it started to affect my elbows and caused some pain. First and foremost, work on getting good flexibility in the wrist, external rotation in the shoulders and thoracic extension. Second, widen your grip on the bar and you should be cleaning all kindsa weight!

  15. I don't think arm size is a huge problem. Take dmitry klokov for example, HUGE forearms and biceps, but he also has some of the best mobility I have ever seen in a weightlifter. He is also world class at what he does. So unless we are talking ifb pro arms here I don't think the whole size of your arms should affect you too much.

  16. I've completely stopped bodybuilding all together and have been doing nothing but Olympic lifting for the past six month. I haven't touched a dumbell in months. My squat went up a hundred pounds. My deadlift went up s hundred lbs. I lost 3/4" off my arms. I've gained 3" on my legs. My back looks like the Grand Canyon or som shit as far as definition goes. My chest has also shrunk. I keep the body builder diet. I get way more satisfaction out of my Olympic lift gains.

  17. Hello Elliott as I grow older and get involved in sports and the athletically performance aspects of life and sports I begin to further understand exactly what you are trying to teach all of us. Your videos are great, thank you so very much!

  18. Good video. Loved when Elliott would take questions and give his two cents because they were usually awesome. Only thing I would add is a personal anecdote that I've been exclusively training in weightlifting for the past 6 months and I've actually not noticed a decreased size in my biceps when I flex them, and additionally I can still more or less curl the same weights I could handle when doing a general fitness routine focused on strength/hypertrophy if I see one lying around. Additionally, if you search for videos of weightlifters benching, they have freakish numbers despite the bench press typically being actively avoided in training. Holding weights overhead involves a lott of shoulder stability and power as well. Going into WL, you learn to not-care what your body looks like and it actually takes care of itself.

  19. Fuck ya! Well Said bro! Trained bodybuilding-powerlifting all my life and converted to Only Olympic lifting 1 yr ago and all I can say is *Fuckin Epic transformation 🙂 Very Very Hard work but Oh!….so worth it..isn't that right Elliot's?? You know bro, when you hit that New Snatch and CJ Pr's it feels Soooooooo much better than any other Powerlifting Pr's!

  20. Dude. In Olympic weightlifting you gain muscle, it doesn't matter if you are bulky. You just need to work on wrist flexibility. It isn't deadlifting, and throwing it over your head (really it's just throwing shit over your head) . Also it has one of the lowest injury rate of almost all Olympic qualifying sports. .03%. It also improves your performance in other sports. Makes you flexible af too.

  21. I am impressed Elliot. Very good. Very well put sir. Olympic Lifting is about explosive power, speed, agility, high levels of mobility, and building quick reactions. Snatch and Clean and Jerk are the ultimate display of athletic ability.

  22. Excellent video. Olympic weightlifting deals with plyometric force generation to create momentum transferred to the barbell and involve as many energy in a second as a 100 meters speed race. A true marvelous sport.

  23. I don't see how big arms would affect your rack position as long as you don't have jacked up wrist.. I'm new to weightlifting and fat a*s f***k at the moment so I'm probably completely ignorant. I wouldn't say you deadlift off the floor in weightlifting though a clean might look similar at the beginning of the movement but quite different but everyone is different I guess. Mobility was my biggest obstacle but now that I have been working on its getting much better especially my ankles, hip, and shoulders. Help my back squat tremendously.

  24. Been doing arms for the last two years and have a good bicep peak. Now I've joined the college Olympic weightlifting club and I gotta give up my arms? 🙁 Oh it's sad but what can you do

  25. IV done both and can honestly say there is no better sport on the planet than Olympic weightlifting. Don't need all the mirors etc .no posers walking around in an Olympic lifting gym , no hooting and yelling with one guy on a bar while 3 guys help him lift it .No need for spotters it just you and the weight .can't cheat the lift you either do it or don't .The Olympic lifts are pure poetry in motion and when they sit right in the groove there is no better feeling .it's not Un common for an Olympic lifter to also out lift power lifters and bodybuilders .The lifts and the training for each lift makes an Olympic lifter very very strong over all .This guy in the video explains it well and obviously knows about Olympic weightlifting.

  26. Weightlifting in the off season would be a good option for a Bodybuilder. Remember, explosive muscle fibers are the LARGEST! THREE Mr. Olympias KNOWN for their backs were Weightlifters early in their careers. Sergio Oliva was a Weightlifting World Champion in the 198lb class. Chris Dickerson competed in Weightlifting early on actually so did Arnold and Franco: both also had great backs. Samir Bannout(known for his Christmas tree Erectors) was an internationally ranked Weightlifter as well. So that's FIVE Mr. Olympia with Weightlifting training & competition in their early years.

  27. 5 years later and we now know that Elliot is completely wrong. If you lead with weightlifting, a fair amount of our accessory work is basically body building. We might lift first session, then for session II it might look like 4X10 back raises; 4X10 back extensions; 4X10 weighted straight legged sit ups; 4X10 pulls ups. Where hypertrophic gains are paramount.

  28. well said! and also olympic lifts are what all the training is all about. you deadlift and press and bench and row and squat to then show this strength as POWER in a power clean and so forth. just deadlifting is like pointless to some degree and just benchpressing as well … strength is a slow move while power is explosively presenting strength 😀 <3

  29. The only common thing is that both use weights. Weightlifting is technical and psychological much more challenging.You can't learn it on your own. Bodybuilding isn't even a sport. There is no coaching on a high level. Most of them just do what feel good for them.


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