Olympic Squats vs Powerlifting Squats


  1. Extra wide stance to help reduce that vertical drop, and a slight bend of the knees = one funny looking "squat" and one hilarious looking person thinking they just squatted all that weight! Ive squatted one rear side of a civic if thats the case… I got that car tire up a whole 2 inches! Using nothing but the wheel wells! My legs went through a whole motion of 5°!

  2. Still waiting for one full powerlifter squat… World record with 2 inch range of motion. What a joke. I have more range of motion doing calf raises than they did doing a full "squat"

  3. Those are assisted powerlifting squats in the beginning and they aren't even recognized by most federations FYI. Real powerlifting squats are pretty damn similar to Olympic lifting squats. Olympic lifting are just much more difficult in terms of depth.

  4. These are bunk ass powerlifter squats… Youre cherry picking shitty lifters that stand WAY to wide… Put a video of ronnie coleman squating 800lbs like a fucking boss!!! Knees are shoulder width apart w deep squat…. Not this bunk shit you pick off of shit powerlifting vids… Major fail on your behalf… And no im not a powerlifter nor do i do squats but c'mon at least show powerlifters that do real reps… I wouldnt have a prob w the video if it was "powerlifter fails" or something but to say olympic lifts are superior to powerlifters lifts you are very very wrong!

  5. bro , when u go to a olympic weightlifting club and coach be like " naah , u will be moar succesfull on badmington " then u become a powerlifter … true story …

  6. er.. There's no such thing as olympic squats. Power lifting (bench, deadlift and squat) is not an olympic discipline. Only weightlifting (clean and jerk and snatch) are olympic disciplines.

  7. Comparing elite weightlifters to backyard monolift-using wrap-wearing geared powerlifters…obviously olympic-level, raw squatters are going to have nicer looking squats than super heavyweight geared powerlifters. Show some IPF raw squat attempts instead. The majority are low bar, but form-wise are comparable to the olympic squats shown here.

  8. You mean pussy halfsquats vs full squats? Also, I might point out that the maker of this video can't do either. It's kind of like watching a crossfitter comparing a powerlifter to a bodybuilder when they themselves do neither.

  9. Olympic weightlifters do deeper squats but they aren't stronger. And those powerlifting squat were just trash most of powerlifters at least hit 90°. And also remember that training squats are better than competition.

  10. last clip had me dying in tears good job, this is true. but where olympic lifters are better squatters, powerlifters are better deadlifters. i train with a greek, european medallist weightlifter and he squats 280kg at 85kg which is basically almost a world record. his technique is so perfect flawless that no powerlifter can squat like he does. squatting though is the most basic exercise for olympic weightlifting. they squat because thats the basic movement required, to put the weight on your shoulders and then jerk that which requires almost perfect balance strength and coordination. powerlifters are terrible squatters with only a few exceptions. just because you lift heavy it doesnt mean you can do it as good as a weightlifter. an 83kg weightlifter can squat up to 300kg which is more impressive than pretty much any powerlifter can do. im a terrible squatter but if i was a weightlifter technique would be waaaaayyyyy better

  11. I always use full-fingered gloves when lifting. That's it. I squat about 500 naked. Deadlift 550. Bench 400. One day I decided to try using wraps when squatting. OMG worst lifting experience…couldn't go down very far and then they practically sprung me back up. If that shit ain't cheating I don't know what is.

  12. This geard powerlifting squat is for ego lifters. If you have to have ton shit on yourself to lift something than this is just ego lift. I would lift less but raw and know that this is my brute strenght and use it in real life.

  13. I love powerlifting but i hate this kind of stupid fat-ego-powerlifters doing a half-squat… they and those judges are total idiots…. the powerlifting squat should be the same as the olympic… with the balls on the floor!!! i think…

  14. The powerlifting squats were never nor will be something elegant to see, for the simple fact that it is a test of brute force, for which you only need to prepare to be brutally strong and nothing else. Therefore, those short and clumsy movements.
    To be an Olympic weightlifter, you need to work hard on other qualities beyond strength, such as flexibility, speed, concentration and a lot of intelligence to learn the biomechanical gesture.
    For something one is Olympic and the other is not, it's simple.


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