MACRONUTRIENTS: 60g carbs, 15g fats, 50g protein, 15g fiber (!)INGREDIENTS: 200g/7oz of cod fish, 300g/10.5oz of vegetable mix, 10g/0.4oz of coconut oil, 125g/4.4oz of cooked brown rice, 100g/3.5oz of chickpeasAs a bodybuilder it’s important to eat healthy meals whilst still consisting of enough protein. Now you don’t want to take too long so I’m showing a simple tool you can use to make it way easier to schedule your cooking and have time to do other tasks.(This meal is also very easy to make with pans of course!)We’re all about bringing the Golden Era back where it belongs! Join us by subscribing and liking the VintageGenetics videos and be part of a journey towards bringing back the ultimate classic physiques!



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