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  1. 8:03 – "Holy … he's athletic as shit"
    No Zack, he's Anton Fomenko – Athletic as Fuc….
    It's great to see how many top level athletes are amazed at Anton's ability to adapt to their chosen sport …. but of course we already knew that.
    Anton you never cease to amaze us and I personally want to thank you for sharing your life with us all

  2. My guess about Tom’s theory that you “play it up for the camera” is just because you still get a little nervous recording your videos which makes it harder to speak a non-native language clearly. I know that happens to me when trying to speak spanish. I love your vids keep it up!

  3. Anton, I don't know what's more impressive, your athleticism, or your coachability!

    And for the record, you have a better English vocabulary than a lot of native speakers I know!

  4. Tom is a bit harsh in his comments on your English, although I presume it is just friendly banter. Your English is good, easily understandable. Teach Tom some Russian sentences, then he may realize that it requires considerable effort to acquire a foreign language with good grammar and pronunciation. Most people who acquire a second language as an adult never achieve a native accent.

  5. I know this is intrusive, but Anton is one of my biggest influences and if you're reading this, please check out my YouTube. I create vlogs, routines and tutorials for Calisthenics, Parkour, RockClimbing, etc. Thank you! 🙂

  6. Hey Anton, finally made my way over here from jujis channel and subscribed to you. Love your attitude man you've managed to retain a good level of youthfulness into your adulthood that I think more people should have. You're the only dude who can make Anime style running with your arms backwards actually look cool lol

  7. Anton maybe check Hadyn Wiseman for some inspiration in weightlifting. He come from tricking and general bodyweight training but he do powerlifting and weightlifiting too now. He has a 3xbodyweight deadlift, very impressive guy !

  8. I'm blown away at how quickly you and Magnus learn and master things! You could both have become really arrogant about it, but instead nothing but humility. Glad to be along for the ride =)

  9. Is this when Zak’s eyes exploded? Did he ever get that looked at? It’s badass af fr but I hope there’s nothing serious going on. It’s it’s not medically dangerous, what a cool superpower


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